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  • When can you fight for MMS' tour, I might be able to fight today, maybe around 9-10pm
    Wednesday and Thursday from 2-6 pm and Saturday afternoon.
    Dude, I gotta say, I'm glad you're still putting time and effort into the Serebii Journal. It helps add a little life to an otherwise dead sub-forum, and the articles are generally pretty fun to read. Also, just letting you know that after I get off for Christmas break, I might be able to write something for the January issue if you want. :)
    Makes sense P: XY is erally easy tho. Just handle it like it were your first time in comp battling. A few minor changes were made, and new megae of course, but in a week or 2 you shoulda seen about everything xP
    If comp = competitive battling, then yes :) For the first time OU is somewhat diverse ;3 And on P4L the league thing is finally starting :D If you have x/y maybe we can battle sometime again? Or do ya prefer PO?
    Yeah wars seem to be completely dead (the section itself is blank), but IMO a lot of people who used to do competitive now to PASB. Just seemed to notice that (USAToday, Sparkbeat and a few others.
    TBH I'm surprised at the amount of people gone and even more so at the amount of people I thought had gone but are back now. Also at the amount of guilds that have died off quickly since before my 6 month long hiatus, like Crusades Order.

    And I was completely surprised the Dracaena and THT are still up after almost 4 years!
    Well you've still got your own way to contribute to the community, and that's great. I may not mod the competitive forums, but I can still contribute as a regular member and that's what I plan to do.
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