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  • alright well im gunna go out and a do a few things and ill slap a team together and battle myrrh before bed hopefully my boyfriend doesn't try to steal the cpu that would suck and hate for him to think mons is more important then him.
    well i have to work tommorow too :/ not sure if you allow me to battle after 6 pm my time i will be cutting it close your call not on long again work calls me tommorow morning and i need a shower...
    That's right. Everything you have goes up a level (and you can reallocate uplevel slots so you're not stuck with a TL3 Dratini), and you add three new Pokémon at Level 1. Those three then just have to be on your squad in a match at Level 1 to level up.
    Well you are on your last mons vs KT, if the chall is still there when you finish that feel free to take it!
    well ill see but i have a feeling myrrh will just get the win forfeit not sure if i work on that deadline or not so ill message you tomorrow night i know for sure i work tomorrow then go out so i hate to stall your tournament for little old me when i know it may be impossible...i need to go to bed i have work early in the morning
    just posted personally i don't think i have time to do this thing by tommorow work then be out again with my boyfriend, so i gave myrrh the win i have work been out all day with my boyfriend its been three weeks sense he been gone he more important then a pokemon match so i rather just give the win to myrrh sorry again for delaying...
    I actually have no slots, but one of the matches I won by DQ in like, the second round, so I don't think it even counts... just gonna ignore that match.
    I have two slots open, I wanted to get my sigs aproved first, though, but it's taking too long lol. Sorry for the late reply.
    But that defeats the purpose of the comp clan, doesn't it? I'd much rather just hop on xat occasionally and say hi.
    Well, that's good to hear. Maybe if it continues to get better I'll get back into comp. Although all I play at the moment is VGC, so eh xD
    Ah, cool~ It's a shame the ASB community more or less makes the comp community look awful ^^; There are plenty of great people in comp, but damn if the bad ones don't really drag down the community.
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