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  • You think so? Shucks, nice of you to say!

    Yeah, I used to be so quick to give up easily. But i'm starting to see now that losing isn't really a display of mediocrity than I once thought!
    Yeah. How did you know? I don't know if I qualify where I am now, and the Officials are plenty picky when it comes to their Gyms. But I am getting to know the type rather well.
    Because I knew you'd want to use your Metang in the end. :p

    I'm convinced you've selected your team to exclusively have the edge against mine, so I'd rather not needlessly put her in check.
    Bah you're no help.

    Okay so here's the deal. I need to ref 3 matches to get my grade back. I also need permission because lolungraded. Can I get dibs on one or two matches you have planned?
    Alright. I just figured that considering how busy the weeks have been on your end, maybe it could be better to do things here at a different time? You know, when you're more available? That way no one is held up on days/weeks on end for a single round to happen...

    I know, I know, life always comes first. Again, sorry if i'm being impatient...
    Well...Alright, I suppose. This will be the last time I wait for so long, though. I really want to do other things, y'know!
    Say, if you're going to be this busy, do you mind cancelling my matches? Or at least passing it to another Ref if possible?

    Forgive me if i'm seeming kind of impatient, but it's been going on for a long while and i'm growing weary...

    Also, our own match doesn't seem to be going anywhere and i'd rather have that cancelled too.
    If you could either UPN VM me or post in the battle thread when you've edited, that'd be awesome.
    Yeah, I definitely miss it. Now I'm an adult with responsibilities and I still keep coming back to Pokemon, lol. This is definitely one of those things that I just don't ever see myself dropping :)
    I feel you there, life's workload has certainly increased from 5 years ago when we were spending hours on xat or whatever it was, haha. In my free time nowadays I just do crazy rng stuff, so my brain is really never at rest
    I've been great! I'm getting back into event collecting, though I've been competitively battling for the past two years away from Serebii. I'm actually more active on Neoseeker than here now, but I'll definitely drop by often. So how are things with you?
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