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  • Could u give a more specific timing?

    And I guess it's bw2ou since I only do ou and ubers, tho I do rby occasionally
    I'm gmt+8 , available from 6pm to midnight I suppose

    If not we can try weekends at 1pm to midnight

    Btw what tier are we doing? I heard ppl are doing other tiers like monotype
    I'll probably be getting on once a month or something with the forums. more active on the chats, but there's a high chance of missing me there. and for the record, if 343 doesn't fix that for halo 5, I might just have to go and kill them
    hmm k, then i have another two battles to do.
    I can do that with the text.

    EDIT: How about now?
    Erm, probably should have mentioned. I've got a new laptop, which doesn't as yet have photoshop on it, so those badgecases may be delayed a bit (when I say may, I'm saying will)

    Ta ta =]
    away. I deleted sppf from my homepage menu, so I don't see it every time I get on chrome. makes it easier to stay off so I can waste my time doing something else. Like spending all of January trying to win 70 wargames matches in halo 4 to get the monthly challenge. Getting promoted halfway through rank 40 with my experience earned from said challenge. Then I get off after playing another game. When I get back on the next day, I'm back to halfway through rank 39, where I was before I got the challenge completed. And it says its completed so I can't redo it. :(
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