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  • Yeah, its been a while.

    Pretty good. Trying to write a chapter of one of my fan fics at the moment.
    Awesome! Does your clan really invite wi-fi people in even? Would they reject me?
    Really? I might try pokemon showdown during my X-mas break in that case :)
    Aww thank you :) I really need a fresh start, but idk if you have any wi-fi people since i'm not allowed on PO anymore :( Idk if I could help in anyway possible
    Ah okay :) I understand. I only really use Ferenhight x3

    I don't actually know if they kicked me out of TEG after I left the forums tbh. I gotta get off my dead butt and check still lol
    Ah I get ya.
    It usually starts warming up in May, gets swimming warm in June, really hot in July/August/sometimes September if we're lucky, and October gets pretty cold.

    Ah I get ya. I use Ferenhight for everything x3 (I'm so American x3)
    Wow! Only 2 months of summer? Brr.. Yeah we get summer 3-4 months at the NJ shoreline(Ah I understand :) I use Ferenhight since I live in the USA afterall x3)
    OH WOW! Brrr that's cold! xD I'm in New Jersey back from vacation, and it's around 30 degrees here too.
    happy new year and a
    Hmm... Alright... You convinced me... I need some advice on some strategies I have for my VGC team anyways :)
    I always chuckle when the expert comes in and says that retail is like $500 for it, and they say, "Okay, I'd like to get $500 dollars for this!" I also liked the little kid asking for $1,000,000 for what was supposedly a piece of the Apollo 13 spacecraft or something.
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