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  • Hey, I want to battle with you so I'd very pleased if you add my FC :).

    My FC is: 4613-7573-2085.

    And my FS is: Swirlix , Floette & Kirlia.

    Thanks you very much.

    I added you.
    Awesome! You can sign up on the guild page. You can use this form as well:
    Serebii Username:
    B/W Friend Code:
    PO/PS Name:
    Competitive Battling Experience:
    Instead of using a black and white FC you can use your X or Y one, just put that you using 6th gen in there somewhere. Where it says Faction just put assassin, thats the one im in. And we're the Organization XIII if you forgot.
    Its not that hard. You just post something roughly once a week to tell people your still alive, and battle. Thats about it. :) only the wifi battles come a little sparce because as I said we lack a bountiful amount of wifi battlers. its a good place to come and get a battle is basically what im saying.
    No problem, I dont think I will ever not need another 5 IV pokemon. :) I have a request though. I want you to sign up with my guild. we are Originization XIII, and we would love to have you join. We've just started and are in need of some good wifi battlers, and I think you would do great there. You even get a discount in the clan shop for joining. What do ya say?
    Your charmander is ready. Its male and Nicknamed, Eved trained in Spd and 4 EVs in HP, didnt have time to do Atk, and knows its eggmoves. Oh, and it evolved into a charmeleon.
    yeah, but even still it wasnt a bad team. I and dont worry I was going to give a charmander regardless of weather you won or lost. I will need some time to breed one up though.
    Thats quite alright, we can do a 3v3. I just like seeing people trying their hardest in a battle, and I figure the best way to do that is to offer an incentive. what do you say?
    well, my deal is this. If you beat me in a battle you can have a charmander for free, since I already have those pokemon. do you wifi battle by the way? I saw in your sig that you battle, do you do 6th gen battles?
    One sec. I need to get the Charmander ready for you. Me and another employee (the one who owns it....) thought we should not do the trade, since it was a mis-communication on our hands whether or not he had a Larvitar. But since we accepted we might as well go with it.
    I am currently NOT playing Pokémon, so no, I will not be able to trade or battle or whatever you might want to do with me. I will write here as soon as I feel like playing again, but currently there's just too much going on.
    Cba to pm this cuz its harder on mobile... either way I've caught 4 dittos, haveth checked nature yet I'm still catching... Japanese pokes are valued afterall =3
    I'm busy after 1 pm tomorrow :/
    If anyone seeing this has an UT modest DW espeon with very good IVs, do PM me, and maybe we can work out a deal.

    Got a box-full of modest Zoruas, if that tickles your fancy. (3 females atm) They're bred with Snarl, Nasty plot, Embargo and Leer.
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