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  • [02:29] <&Kirby> what are stars
    [02:29] <%kesha> kirby it's like our corns

    I remember this and I am crying
    That sucks, since of course it means more work for everyone else. Sorry you have to deal with that.
    It never is fun, but at least now it's out of the way and you don't have to worry about it any more.
    Yes and no.

    It was not the only occurrence of it to happen in my life today, so the fact that it popped up more than once promoted such a tweet.
    Hah, if only online petitions actually worked. Or if I really cared enough to do it. Although it's not a huge deal either way.

    The sad part is that every "Florida Man" story is true. Even the Onion couldn't come up with half of this ****.
    Huh, interesting. I didn't really follow it as closely back in 2004-2008 (I was in school at the time), but yeah, Orlando's pretty close. Two hour drive on the Interstate.
    Yeah, Australia is a mecca for merchandise. I was lucky with the 20th anniversary Merch in that Mew was the only import I needed, and that came from Australia. Although it's difficult to truly gauge how much of an impact Scalpers have on the supply, there sure is an awful lot of the Merch on Amazon/Ebay...

    The Southeast needs a little love! Seems like it's always in the North or the West. And Hawaii is an anomaly, lol. Although I do get that they go for areas of higher population density too... Maybe one day it'll go to Atlanta or something, since that's probably the closest "major" city to where I'm at.
    True, which is where the hate comes in for me. I get that they're going for "limited edition", but that should be limited to the entire month, not the first day of the month. It's amazing how fast these things get bought out yet the supply doesn't seem to increase from wave to wave.

    I heard about Worlds being in California again. I'd have more interest in it if it wasn't continuously on the other side of the country. I have a difficult enough time getting a break from work, let alone traveling across the country. Oh well.
    I have a love/hate relationship with it. I absolutely hate the super-limited quantity, first-come first-serve ******** (hence why waves 3 and 4 of amiibo were god awful), but I do like the merch, and the progressive releases do at least give me something to look forward to, which is nice given the perpetual status quo of my life lately.
    Oh I guess it's late but I've not really paid any attention to any tier list much, mainly since I've seen basically no consensus on the characters beyond "both Mewtwos are good."
    Hm what support set have you been using? A support set that helps rush-down characters stay away would probably help, I've seen Umbreon used to keep the foe away from you when they get too close. Gardevoir does kinda get pummeled hard when those characters get up close though, I assume learning how to keep them away as much as possible helps a lot as Gardevoir, but also knowing what options you have when they come close. I don't know enough about Gardevoir beyond that second-hand impression though tbh
    Get good. But real talk if I wasn't on vacation until after the Worlds LCQ I'd totally be up to playing.

    But a good first step is to not be too aggressive when attacking, idk if that's been a problem for you but I know it was for me at first since I play Blaziken.
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