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  • You never know with Viz. xD And aww thanks for being understanding. ^.^ I swear one day thought I'll try to be quicker with replies. X_o And yay! =D I must apologize though, that I didn't get a happy birthday to you on time! TOT I'm so sorry!!! T_T But happy belated birthday.~ Hopefully that's something at least. =3 I promise I won't miss it next year though.

    And oh! Good news! Turns out Viz didn't censor Claire's tight butt outfit after all! =-o ^.^ xD
    You're very welcome! ^_^
    -Hahaha! xD I bet it would be then!
    -You're welcome. ^.^ Thank you for doing them.~ And probably so. They did do that one Blue Pokeboob edit that one time though, but maybe due to ink costs they'll very rarely do them. At least I hope so, if they do keep up with the series I hope it'll be as edit-free as possible.
    -LOL! That is true, it is all their fault for even coming up with that in the first place. xD

    I know! I was surprised when I first read that chapter. xD I had to do a double-take to make sure she wasn't naked. xDDD What I don't get is the outfit isn't even that tight, so why would the light and shadows silhouette her breasts like that? Makes no sense. xD But great job as usual buddy. Although that edit was probably fairly easy to do. xDDDD I was even able to do it one time when I was bored, lol. I wonder if Viz will censor that?

    That's good. And you're welcome! ^.^

    Oh, sorry for another late reply btw. And oh! Happy belated Thanksgiving. =)
    Thanks! You did a really good job, as always. ^.^ So thanks for doing it again after it messed up too, I really appreciate that too.
    And I must say....LOL at all your comments! XD You're so witty! =P As for replies to them....
    -Woah, I never noticed the camel toe on the original photo. o____o But thanks for fixing that as well.
    -I bet! When I first saw that scene of her leaning over I thought to myself "I bet Viz is going to have a hard time if they try to censor that one. XD" It looks like it'd be very hard to do especially to make it go with the rest of the drawing and look somewhat realistic. You did a good job though. ^^ I bet Viz might even consider not censoring it since it'll be so hard and they tend to be lazy at times XDDDDDDD
    -Lol! I wondered the same thing about her riding on a snake. XD It makes you wonder if Kusaka and Yamamoto were up to something with her.
    -Huh! XD You're right, censoring it does make it seem more dirty, like she's touching herself in the chest or something. XD How odd. But no worries, you did a good job otherwise and it's all for laughs and curiosity's sake anyway! ^.^

    All in all a great job and still hilarious as even with your comments and captions! XD Here's another for you to try if you feel like it, it's just one and should be a lot easier: http://i849.photobucket.com/albums/ab52/1dbad/pkm30_164.jpg There are technically a few other images I could have chosen because Mars was like that the whole chapter, but they seemed a lot more mild since it wasn't at as odd of an angle and the light wasn't shining in some areas to *ahem* emphasize things. Enjoy!~

    And hi! ^__^ I'm doing great! Sorry about the late reply, just been kind of busy. =P How are you?
    Haha, precisely! I taught my little sisters to curtsy, t-shirts and all.

    The world and its youth could do with a bit more courtesy, don't you agree?
    I don't believe in free will because I have the free will to do so.
    I believe in free will because I can't choose not to.

    Very well done, Eloi. ^_^
    You're very welcome. :) And cool! =D If you can that'd be great! Only if you don't mind though, heheh. ;]
    Oh that sucks so bad! I'm so so sorry! :( I know exactly how that feels; and it especially sucks when you're completely done. I'm really sorry buddy. And if you don't feel like doing it again later it's fine, I'll understand. If so though that would be cool too, although after your computer ****ing up on you like that I can understand if you don't. Thanks for the heads-up anyway.
    True. XD I more of meant maybe they wanted Yellow to become more feminine as she got older, and eyelashes was one of the ways to show it. Remember in FR/LG she didn't really disguise herself as a boy much anymore, and eventually at some point she'll probably become feminine enough to where she could no longer do it, unless she is just really, really boyish, lol. The forgetful thing is possible, but I wouldn't think they would be so quick to forget something like that when they remember so many details...but you never know. =3
    I'm sure you will. ;] Okay, I have them ready. If you don't mind though I think I'll PM them to you here, if that's okay. Just to be on the safe side.
    You're welcome on all counts! ^.^
    Actually, it is by the later artist. (who's name is Satoshi Yamamoto by the way) I was pretty sure it was but I just checked and it was at the end of volume 14, in the bonus pages that talked about what each dexholder's specialty is. =3 You are right on the eyelashes though. Maybe it's accidental though, or maybe at times like in FR/LG for example, he draws him that way since she's older and becoming more feminine? I don't know, actually. xD
    I bet they did! ^.^ Speaking of censoring, I'll try to get some more images for you to censor later and post them in a comment. XD I'm already finding a few of Lucy right now....
    You're welcome! ^.^ Thank you for the friend invite!~ Gladly accepted. :) Really? Well you did them better than I ever could in Paint, since I'm not too good at it. XD But yeah, they did look half-way decent. That's a good question! I would hope they would let it slide since Sapphire's a young girl without much of a figure and the leaves cover everything, but with Viz you just never know. I do know they probably won't like some of her scenes though, of her doing things like randomly taking her clothes off to go back into her leave outfit, and facing Flannery in an official gym battle while naked in a hot spring eating bananas. xDDDDDD
    Really? Well I'm glad you enjoyed it! ^.^ It was interesting seeing what it might be somewhat like if they do get censored, and your humorous jokes made me laugh too. xD But I definitely have some more if you want them. I'll just have to find some good pics for you to do, but another one that comes off the top of my head is Pike Queen Lucy.

    Btw, I like the picture of Yellow in your signature. That's a very nice picture of her, actually. ^.^ She looks really cute.
    Hey thanks for the help in the censorship thread. :) I really appreciate it and your new images of how they might do it are not only semi-possible but pretty hilarious, hahaha. XD And actually, funny you should mention Electric Tale of Pikachu too, how they treated that series is one reason why I thought Claire might get censored. :3
    The OSL is a pokemon league in which there are 8 gym leaders and the elite 4. Serebii members who have joined the osl can challenge us. Just read the Official Serebii League section under 'Competitive Pokemon'.
    At some point you will battle either me, OMN's Skynet 18 or Silent Storm. At the moment we are unavailable for battle, but we will contact you when we can. It's basically just for us to know how experienced you are. C:
    Welcome to Team Rocket, our chat is linked in LeaderGiovanni's sig. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me. C:
    Dude did you get your screename from the book "The Time Machine" I just read it and there are things called Eloi in it
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