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Recent content by elwesto

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    Is it time to do away with the Elite Four Format?

    The whole game needs to be changed and reworked so it actually feels fresh after each generation. I mean why not force the player to have the same amount of pokemon as the gym leader? and maybe make the elite four become wondering champions that you actually have to find and are extremely tough
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    what gym had you frustrated

    Didn't really find a gym hard, however the fact that i only really trained up my garchomp and torterra didnt make the 7th gym easy
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    The return of team rocket?!?

    Team Rocket returning would be a good thing, however they do need to be more badarse if they are to return
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    D/P monotype challenge

    Im starting a fighting team monotype. Machop Riolu Poliwag Chimchar Tyrouge Mankey
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    Hey thanks for the friend invite and the welcome hope to see you around here

    Hey thanks for the friend invite and the welcome hope to see you around here
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    Official 'Claim Your Favorite Video Game' Topic V3

    Bioshock (xbox 360)- elwesto 2/6/09
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    Hey New Here

    Hey im new here and i would like to make me self known around the place.......... oh right the pokemon umm.. Dragonite in my opion is the best dragon, regardless of how strong Garchomp is