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  • Oh, well that's not always the appropriate phrase, but I know what you mean. I do indeed like the fallacy of your out-take of tactical looniness. Cus it's the right type of black racist.
    -Alex Amaterasu
    Is your name Alex Amaterasu?
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    Yes, some even call me the real GameFreak! :D
    Ay dude, people sometimes say you sometimes know Alexander the Great!

    -Alex Amaterasu
    Sometimes people say that sometimes I made him laugh with a well timed joke.
    Ayo kid, come bless the site again with your gangster ass presence. We need you to make clans gangster again. Come back. |0| Let's bring back Crimson Fury!
    Oh I do have Ditto's but you can't use Bank until January. I'd like to get started on breeding now though to keep me occupied. Plus theres movesets I wanna try.
    haven't really been battling since Sun/Moon came out. probably won't really be active in the battling scene for a while.
    *uncurls and recurls fingergrip around katana*
    *pause for a moment to look off into the distance, but then quickly looks back, confidently, into your eyes*
    pshh...i dont think i even need to use this...
    *sheathe katana*
    *re-adjusts metal arm weights and flicks my thumb by my nose*
    *gets into a fighting pose*

    Your guns're nothin compared to mine...
    For PokeGyms' its a separate badge if you're challenge me using another type as I am no longer the Normal Gym Leader there.

    As for Trinity, if you haven't beaten my Normal Gym there, then yes, you'll still have too.

    Also, sure I can battle now, just let me know which League and Gym you're facing.
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