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  • Real Steel is my favorite movie. I love Hugh Jackman, so I'm a massive X-Men fan as well.

    Yeah, eminem rap :3...the only real rap.
    It's great that you also want to help the WiFi Community, so you kinda get where I'm coming from. I just don't want to be taken advantage of nor do I want people to think that what I do is easy.

    I'm more of the "Pokemon are valued pets" try of mindset. Loving thought of mind. I want UT flawless, but I'm not like asking for ridiculous things either.
    More special to me, but most clans and members don't realize how time consuming and how much effort actually goes into all of the work I will do for free.

    A few friends think I'm stupid for offering free fully trained RNG's. Who knows, I might be.
    I do not even own that evil device! Never will either.

    The pokemon will be hand EV trained using exp. shares. I have power items as well, but since I'm going to RNG three of each and raise them together, exp. share makes more sense, so everyone gets the exact same EVs. They will be levelled using lucky eggs and the Elite Four.
    They are pretty great no?

    Yep, that's why I offered sponsorships because I wanted to support the WiFi competitive community and since they probably don't care about events, shinies, or anything special...the pokemon are basically free, even though it's a HUGE effort for me. I'm thinking of recruiting EV trainers to help out. It's also why I'm picking the clans carefully. Most people want legendaries and well, that ain't ever going to happen. Eggs are enough I believe.
    I don't have the time, but I find it fun and RNG-ing is a great way to get some trades and all that. Plus, I like supporting the WiFi community since we all know POers are too lazy to raise their own pokemon. My original idea for my shop was an adoption center...like an animal rescue shelter, but dragonheart turned out well.

    Bands...Let's see...three days grace, Egypt central, amaranthe (NEW), within temptation, epica, all that remains, Avenged Sevenfold, Leaves Eyes, Lacuna Coil, etc.
    Sorry Sorry ;_;. I was just excited to see another NW fan and rock/metal lover.

    I'm pretty much in the rock/metal group. Mudvayne and Slipknot are about as far as I go into the extremes of the growling rock yells or whatever.
    Ohhh, awesome another NW fan. Did you see Annette left? Tomas apparently used the kamelot guest singers when Annette got sick and Annette never approved that. I had a huge talk with someone about how Tomas is a complete an total jerk, but I can't tell if he did that for the fans or money.

    Yes, Roy was Kamelot's second singer and his voice is amazing! I love it. Tommy their singer is just as good as Roy. Their first singer, I'm not much of a fan.
    Favorite songs: Forever (Roy), Angel of Darkness (Tommy), Anything from the Ghost Opera, Poetry for the Poisoned, Karma and Epica albums

    Not much of a rap or RnB fan, though I do favor Rihanna occassionally.
    I listen to rock, metal, and asian pop :p. Nightwish, Kamelot, and Disturbed are my favorite bands.

    * nods * Old man indeed.
    Prohawk is pretty cool. Danger got sponsored because EK said good things about him and I've noticed him in CG for a while and he seemed like a really awesome guy. This interactions with me have indeed proven that it was a very good choice.

    The beetles? Ewww, don't tell me you listen to them. Get the times old man!
    Replied :p.

    Older than you :3 that's all I tell anyone. Though it's nice to find older members here too...dealing with the children is taxing on my old soul.

    Awesome :3 I shall have to see what the master hawk makes for me. He said he'd do a extra special bar (like the ones in my sponsorship section) just for me <3
    Great thanks :D.

    Send dat PM and I'm older than you ElxlceL :D.

    Thanks! I'm re-vamping the RNG section now with 'exclusives'. Like the clan sponsorships I'll keep a stock of pokemon available for immediate trading. That way users don't need to wait.

    I want to get Prohawk to make me a unique Dragonheart Sanctuary Owner user bar...but I don't want to be called Owner...I'm thinking Guardian, but it sounds cheesy...any ideas?
    The only thing I'm really after are DWF to expand my collection and the legendaries on my want list (so I can remove them from my wants). Also, any flawless DW male only pokemon as well (starters etc).

    I felt out of place at CC...no xat and it's a xat clan, all they do is post battles on the thread.

    LOL, most clans don't even know they are sponsored. You're in Danger iirc, and that's sponsored. Well I just changed the sponsor section anyway...so right now it's empty, gotta get through my request list before I fill it and since one requirement is month membership in a clan and most clans are relatively new...better this way too.

    Why do you think kots is an idiot?
    I don't fit in with clans considering I can't access xats and don't battle. I tend to feel out of place. I'm mainly monitoring them now, in case I want to give a clan a sponsorship. Though since both TBC and Frozen Heart just closed, I'm reconsidering my policy and will be asking other clan leaders about new clans I'm looking at. Kotsy in particular, since he said that he will murder my firstborn if I ever sponsor a darkfire led clan.

    Oh no worries ^^. I appreciate the offer really.
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