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  • Just letting you know that I'm off to boot camp. So yeah, you and the rest of Crimson Fury know where I'm at.

    I'm going to come back and kick *** when I'm done kicking *** over there.
    nothin much man, just practising my trolling... havent been allowed to troll in a long time..

    Whats up with you ?
    Thanks ^.^'

    I'm not sure that I'm actually that good- I just had great sponsorship from TSS. Speaking of TSS, where are you now that it closed?
    Going well, I'm in Brutaka's art shop again, trying to get that back up and running.

    How about you?
    i do what i want when i want, and i was there because your name was on mine.. so get the **** off my page....
    Hmmm... well, I actually thought up my name randomly it was originally going to be QuoteStealer but that lost it's zing over time, so I settled on QuoteMaster instead.

    Life story? That's some heavy stuff you're askin' right there. 8P

    I'm just ordinary Jane, I'm not particularly interesting. I joined a few months ago when I finally got working game Wi-fi, and these forums influenced me to learn to RNG, joined a couple clans (not at once of course) and here I am now.
    AoS is pretty great. I'm really enjoying it there.

    I hav BW2, but I'm being lazy with it and taking my time.
    No problem. Most people call me a dude or something similar. Eventually I'll clue them in ;).

    Right now I'm pretty quick with requests, normal request takes less than 5 days (depending on what it entails) if I have nothing else going on. I'm saying my average is two weeks, once I start working on it. I'm trying to keep my limit down in my shop so I don't get super stressed or overwhelmed. It is just me after all.

    I clan hopped like no other, tried going clanless for a bit. Didn't work. I tried joining some of the clubs, but all of the RP and chatter bothered me not to mention the OMG little kids. Tried EK first clan for a bit, but that bombed (due to a lot of reasons)...there really is no place for an RNGer in most competitive clans until I found MD/AoS. I really like it there. Otherwise, just been bouncing around working on the shop. It's been months in planning.

    What about you? I saw some of TSS final days, but I wasn't really sure what happened.
    I'm female :D.

    Yeah, they are getting there. I've had some great success with near-flawless shinies, both stationary and eggs. Except timer0 just trolls me like no other, so it takes a lot of tries to get something right. Practice makes perfect though right?
    Ah. Crimson Fury is like really gangsta or something >_<. Not my style. Clanless isn't good unless you want it that way.
    Yeah Extroph's clan. He's pretty awesome :D.

    I love the theme of it. Where are you now since TSS closed?
    Not bad...I'm in Age of Shoguns and just opened a trade shop ^_^. Check it out if you want. How you doing?
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