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  • good game. I knew I wasn't gonna beat your last mon so I just stalled to be a little mean xD good luck with the rest of your rounds.
    /generations tourney

    FC : 1134 7732 5905 | IGN : Erry
    let me know when we can battle :)
    I have to technically use 4, but my Normal Gym Battles are actually tougher than it looks. You are only the 3rd Person to earn a Simplicity Badge. Its only hard when you are looking for wildcards to fill in the 2 spots where you don't need to use your type. I get carried away and end up back at the beginning of the chopping block on teambuilding.
    Good game. I should've brought a better team altogether, but I like to try out new things every few battles. Good luck with the rest of the League, I'll definitely give you a better challenge when you get to face my Champion Team!

    Can't get bored with that team, since I never battle with it, until I have too.
    No special rules here. I do allow the Challengers to choose their preferred battle format, but I'm pretty sure you'd choose Singles considering that question wasn't asked. I'll meet you online.
    We did a badge wipe quite some time ago,in January I believe. In order to challenge the e4 you must get 8 badges again, though to be honest I'm too sure how many of our leaders are active. Their names are listed so you can try to pm them and see if they respond, thats all I can suggest.
    it's no problem, stuff happens. I've just been sorta getting into this VGC metagame and enjoying Pokemon. it's always cool to see old friends still hang around here; I know I'll try to be back too
    yes, yes, kinda, yes
    i dont remember saying GG though...
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