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  • Alright, I'm in front of Kyurem in my Black version
    You caught Rash right? I'm getting ready to RNG for Mild and that Great Ball/Dive Ball looks the best correct?
    Nah, scarfed, it needs the speed. Just a shame you cant get its Hidden Ability Rock Head yet, THAT would hit hard with no damage Head Smash
    I know an RNGer who runs a shop that can use Poketransporter and I can RNG on BW and I can use Poketransporter as well. :p
    Nope, GameSpy managed the Wi-fi for 4th and 5th gen, if you want something from 4th/5th gen, you'd need to connect to a fan-hosted server and I don't know how anyone would connect to those. In my opinion, it's far easier to get something RNGed in a past gen, have moves you need tutored on it and then use Poketransfer to get it to 6th gen.
    Yeah, I just won't be able to check IVs and SIDs with Pokecheck, Poketransporter is unaffected by the loss of the Nintendo DS connections because it's Wi-fi isn't managed by GameSpy. Come to think of it, I think GameSpy's closing is the reason why there wasn't a third installment back in 5th gen.
    I haven't been doing too much battling, just breeding. XD
    Well, it's been set back to mid-summer or longer so I'm just chillin' in Pixel Dreams until then.
    X, sup man. I'm super busy playing league of legends and XY kinda killed my interest in pokemon (since it made the fun part of it -- training/breeding -- super easy). If you play league of legends let me know, though you (and short) would probably just add to the already seriously toxic environment :) there.
    I remember you, and yes, I still do Triples. We always said we were going to do a few Triple Battles in Gen 5, but I don't remember ever doing them. Maybe we can find each other on at the same time at some point, and finally do some? I have three solid teams ready to go. They are all Nintendo format, flat rules legal.
    the lottery at Pokegyms. the last one was last week on Wednesday, but LeafeonTheVoid posted it for me.
    Long time, no speak. I think we battled yesterday evening.

    My first battle in the May International Challenge 2014 (Master's Division) was versus "Excelsior". If this was you, you beat me.
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