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  • I have one in my team, I found a way to seriously pwn with it :D
    Its a good pok, yeah strategy might work, I like the Eject button too on it.
    I have him with Storm throw actually, just for the novelty xD. and close combat would make him more a weak version of Heracross

    Hmm got them already, you have more perhaps?
    You got some sweet IV bred NU poks in stock perhaps? If not, I adore weird poks from higher tiers aswell
    anything besides OU.
    alright nah thanks I don't need quiet...
    okay good luck getting flawless pokemon :)
    btw I use IV bred pokemon too since I can nickname them and arent much weaker than flawless pokemon
    oh and my trade shop... this is kinda sad but yea... I just had too many pending trades and stuff I just couldn't do them and then I realized I started the shop to get more pokemon for my teams (I already had like over 100 shinies) so I just let ellie close my shop for me
    wait which ones? XD bagon?!
    well I'm the kind of guy that wants pokemon that like nobody has :p :p :p but when I need some strong common pokemon I don't have them
    for example I used to have a team with 3 flawless shiny regi's XD and if someone Rng's something for me I always want a nickname on the pokemon and stuff :p
    okay it's alright I got my team ready :) switched some pokemon and now it works just fine
    thanks anyways :)
    oh and btw I already have a beldum :p I kinda have a lot flawless pokemon but not so much electric, steel ground and rock types :p
    I used to have a trade shop untill 2 months ago
    aagh sorry I have a rotom too but it's EV'd but I don't need it... it just doesn't fit in -.-
    any steel, rock, ground types?
    hey there do you have any electric type near flawless/ flawless ev trained pokemon?
    plz I'll give you a korean event darkrai or something else for
    Alright np. I am online pretty much these days, if you are able to trade and see me online
    We'll have the trade :). I give you DWF Jolly Buneary and a Jolly DWF Mawile with some max iv's (Y).
    Nice list of DW poks ! I'm really intrested in the DWF Burmy and DWF surskit.
    I can offer DWF buneary and DWF pachiurisu for it. What do you think? :)
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