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  • Heh, yeah, I'm not a huge fan of the dungeon mechanics, so I don't tend to play much beyond the main storyline, either. If you've played through Darkness, though, how did you like it? The story, anyway. I thought a game featuring a grovyle as a major character would be right up your alley.

    FWIW I found Gates to be the easiest of the lot (haven't tried PSMD, but I've heard that is distinctly not a step down in difficulty). Just don't take snivy as your starter. XD
    Since you are offline on Skype ATM...

    I haven't picked up any more since then because I was never a huge fan of the gameplay and the promise of good story wasn't quite enough to override this.
    Don't worry, that's the only reason I could never get into the PMD games either. :p

    (Oddly it's also left me a bit picky when it comes to PMD fics even though they remove that gameplay obstacle and I'm not entirely sure why.)
    Hey, completely random three in the morning question for you: have you ever played the PMD games?
    Thanks for helping Pi in that one thread, I wanted to but wasn't quite sure how aside from digging up some stuff on "Sue" OCs vs. "non-Sue" ones I wrote a while back. Actually, I might just do that.

    Though you going to get to answering my intro PM leading into crossover shenanigans? >:p
    Hello, I just finished reading Foregone Conclusion and I absolutely loved it. I heard about it from Dragonfree but I had no idea how good it was until I actually read it. It was really emotional and heartbreaking. Just so you know, I left a short review in the story thread.

    Are you still writing fanfiction, by any chance? I was under the impression that you abandoned it after the Interpretations contest, and it would be a shame if you really did.
    Er, hey.

    I know you're probably busy and can't quite get to my last PM still (I currently simultaneously owe responses to Dtagonfree, Jax, and Virgil!) but there's one thing I wanted you to get back to me about from it sooner than the rest.

    Specifically the very last bit, which I want a quicker response to for some personal reasons. If not feasible, that's fine, but just asking.

    (And if my current avatar's been a detterent I can change it. :p)
    Hey, two things:

    1. I am assuming you saw my PM and have busy, which as usual is fine.

    2. As a teaser of when you do...


    I know you've probably been held off from replying to my response to your PM because A. You've been busy, and B. It was really freaking long, but it's been long enough I figured I ask:

    1. Have you actually read it yet?

    2. If yes to 1, are you planning on replying at some point? Fine either way, just wanna know if I need to keep checking back or not.

    3. If no to 2, is it because of the tidbit I mentioned at the end?
    Hey, I saw your PM earlier tonight, wasn't able to respond due to something important I was busy with for something off-Serebii...

    ...But just wanted to note it still totally made my freaking day and made me so thoroughly overwhelmed with sheer giddiness and happiness I couldn't put together a coherent response or focus on the busything, and in particular it was a much-needed pick-me-up after a rather crappy October on my end. So once busything's fully done I'll try to get back to you ASAP.

    But tl;dr you are totally freaking awesome.
    Sounds good to me! Although I recall the comments for "Defeatist" being pretty positive overall, so I don't think you have too much to worry about there.

    Haha, glad to hear it! Poor Nate, everyone enjoys his suffering.

    Ah, cool! I had a feeling you might be molbio, although since you seem to like prehistoric pokemon a lot, I figured paleontology was also a possibility. Though there's a difference between liking fossils and liking spending all day picking them out of the ground with itty-bitty little tools...

    Anyway, yeah, I do computational stuff, primarily genome assembly and comparative genomics. Hope you're enjoying your rotations! I didn't realize PhD programs lasted that long in the UK; I thought they were usually only two years. you cannot escaaaaape
    Haha, well, we've interacted in the fanfiction club a couple times and I seem to end up reviewing your contest entries fairly frequently. That's about as direct as my communication with most people on the forums gets. :p

    Haha, wow, I didn't realize I had any far-off admirers! It's awesome to hear you like Salvage, too. Obviously I love me some comments, but don't feel pressured; it's just nice to know you're reading and enjoying. Hopefully you'll like the next chapter, too; it's one of my favorites. tune in in a month and a half to find out

    By the way, I believe I once saw Dragonfree mention that you science. What kind do you science?
    Ah, yeah. I can see where you're coming from. Different strokes and all. :p

    (And thank you so much!)
    Hey, just wanted to say again good luck on writing that Persona fic! Even though you probably aren't publishing it. I know how daunting writing in a new fandom with other people's characters can be, so I totally sympathize.

    I will say writing others' characters gets easier over time; I write for a canon Fire Emblem character in an RP. He took some getting used to but I can write for him pretty easily now so keep at it!

    (Apologize if I'm being pretentious RE: a relatively new writer giving advice to a much more experienced one. >_<)
    Hey, just wanted to say it's good to hear that you've got a new writing project going on. Good luck with it, and I hope you have fun.
    Duly noted. May try it anyway, may not.

    Also, finally did some concept sketches for Mega Archopy, so the final pic's gonna be a thing! Eventually.
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