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  • Yeah I am, maybe this would make you remember something.. You made it for me.


    Part 1 felt rushed.

    Part 2 undermined the crap out of everthing like a very angry Plot-Mole.

    Seeing as though you're a fan of RTD, I have to ask for your opinion on Children of Earth's ending.

    For me, it was classic RTD: Potential, potential, potential, drama, drama, drama, EPIC WI- Massive failure.

    Why was I expecting different?
    Hey, elyvorg. I'm just curious about your lack of a reply to the PM I sent to you a week ago. If you've been busy recently, I'll understand; I'm just making sure you got the PM in the first place. o_o'
    I am going to guess that Foliano is the Grovyle on the left, & Ivyx is on the right...

    I'm talking about your sig.
    And you say LE isn't thriving...

    Anyways, I've been getting strong urges to replay PW 1 for nostalgia, despite the fact that I only beat it maybe 4 months ago.
    I don't know if I'm going to be of much help to you...

    I've frankly have read some written works in the past, & most of them aren't as talented as yourself.
    MM said he's most likely going to stay a closet reader. But hey, at least I came out of the closet [/punnotintended]


    I've finally managed to compile up a review of your work; it took me all day to read all 25 of your chapters, & I'm a fast reader...
    Not really. A hyper thriller is like action x5; almost every seen is thrilling. People do die, but they never go into gory details or explain the whole process. And it says that it is sold in twenty different countries around the world. But, it is mainly sold in America.
    Hey have you read 7 Deadly Wonders by Matthew Reilly? I just started it today, and seriously, I can't put the book down it's so good! It's like a hyper thriller.
    Hey elyvorg, I was just wondering. I read some more of Lost Evolution and was wondering whether there was a picture of Archopy anywhere?
    Yeah, that's going to take a while, you have a lot of chapters. I was wondering if you would take a look at my fic, Coin
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