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  • I didn't expect you to read my reply that fast; you read it in just under an hour! I can't really say much that I haven't already said in the PM/reply/post/embodiment of square awesomeness except that it took me about 4 days to fully peck that message out. I'm glad you enjoyed it, and I look froward to the reply.

    -_________- Kaw.
    I knew that! And yeah, that's bigger.

    I'll definately try to do that somehow. But whoo! Dinosaurs! And similarities to Lost! 8D
    xD Good point.

    There was this portal in a wearhouse, and a Tyrannosaurus came out of it, and there was a news team that got crushed. It was terrific, but I think I want to watch the series from the start.
    saw sir growlie was justifiably banned- Sandra mentioned to me plagurism is an auto ban which is good. I then saw the convo between you and him and well I've gotta say, while I've not really reviewed your work, I have read some of it unfortunately not enough to catch onto this malicious crime of his, and have to say your style and use of the written language is far from pathetic.

    You, and others like Cheshire Cat put me and others who still aspire for some form of greatness to shame :c

    So remember that and hope you continue writing/and have a future without numbnuts like growlie.
    You're welcome, but it's so unacceptable what he did. And what sort of apology was that that he gave you? He's a terrible writer if he can't come up with his own things, and you're a whole lot better for many reasons, and that's why you won 3 awards and he didn't! BTW, wanna be friends?
    Yeah I am. You handled it beautifully in my opinion, btw.

    Haha I definetly will review...just a matter of time.
    Also, I lol'd at his leaving comments, when he could obviously not write his way out of a paper bag.
    Actually, this incident will probably improve your fics popularity.
    ~~Ooooh, every cloud has a siiiilver lining~~
    Y'know what's funny? Shiny Grovyle looks kick-a, but shiny Sceptile and Treecko look awful. So, nice choice.

    Also, I'm sorry about that moron that plagarized you. I hope he apologizes. The examples you gave of your fic look great; I'd like to read it some time.
    Yeah, I later figured it was something like that, and I would have liked to see a good answer from him, too. Unfortunately, the problem is generally that plagiarists are so shocked about getting caught and so bitter that they often won't give you half of what you deservbe to hear unless they're actually feeling some form of remorse. Maybe Sir Growlie will later come to regret what he's done, and I hope he will eventually apologize to you. I don't blame you for wanting answers; it feels like you deserve those at the very least, doesn't it? It's pathetic that he couldn't even have the decency to give you that.

    Considering that you were the actual victim of the rule-breaker in question and you were pointing out the evidence, we generally give victims the opportunity to be righteously indignant (it seems to be like an unspoken rule), so it was fine. I was speaking to two other posters who thought it was their place/they had the authority to yell at him.

    Yeah, I kind of understand where you're coming from, but then again, this has never happend to me, so yeah...

    You're welcome and...I'll try. I was going to post a review but decided against it, but now that you know of my existence, why not? Maybe this weekend...
    *Not a stalker*

    Just saw what that jerk said about your fic, and being a closet reader, I decided I needed to speak up.

    Screw that guy. He has absolutely zero talent, which is evident in his plagirizing. He can't even think of his own fic or establish his own characters/plot. You have more talent in a single sentance of your fic then he does in anything he writes.

    So um yeah. Sorry for intruding, I just get put off my jerks like that.
    Just noticed what Sir Growlithe did (as he had deleted his fic), and I wish you had reported it so it could have been dealt with sooner. Nonetheless, whether he's leaving by his own free will as he claims or not, he has been banned for this absolutely unacceptable behaviour.

    I am sorry you had to go through this - being plagiarized is not an enjoyable experience. :/

    You want an apology? Fine, I'll give you an apology before I go/

    I'm sorry that I plagiarized your pathetic writing style and miserable story. It was stupid of me, when I can do so much better than sinking to your mediocre work. I hope you are happy now.
    Hey elyvorg, I was just reading your fic and I'm loving it. I'll post when I've read some more. Just wondering, how many chapters are there going to be in the whole story?
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