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  • Now that I'm caught up on LE what will you nag me about??! *glances at Doctor Who disks*...Right.
    xD;; I know, I know. I have no idea why I'm avoiding it, 'cause I'm immeasurably greatful and you nailed my problems. :x (Although my sister would like to add that the characters themselves seem to immature, as well - she didn't exactly finish reading it before I put it up, and only read the brunt of it yesterday)

    I am sorry for not responding. *hugs* Forgive this irritating procrastinator?
    If you're still on - come on the secret chat!

    And if not... well, I shall strike up a convo here for you to continue later!


    ...so... you like stuff?

    But how are you?
    Thats slightly odd (The VM Character-limit) Hmmm

    Well, shyness WOULD be one of those character faults, yes, but I also try to cover up shyness, and general self-hating-ness, with a false sense of arrogance and bravado, so I dont exactly paint the best picture in other peoples minds.

    Oh yeah! The Laboratory is my favourite of the Literature Poems. It is pure class.

    Ouch. I wish our school had done something like that, but that does song quite devestating (my friend said TKAM isnt a very good book, so dont get your hopes up Im afraid). My only way of consolation is to say "at least it isnt Of Mice and Men", because that book is seriously awful.
    Oh my god, Im so sorry. College has been so busy I forgot to revive this conversation, which I said I would like, almost two months ago :S Sorry

    If Im bluntly honest, College is worse than I thought it would be, but that is mainly due to my own personality faults, and it is still better than School nonetheless. Ive made one BRILLIANT friend on the IB (My friend Siobhan), who has automatically sky-rocketed into my "Best Friends of All Time" list. She should be in her second year, but last year she started a year doing Media at a different college, and hated it, so dropped out to do the IB here. She's such a good friend, and has really taken me under her wing, so I feel happy in the knowledge that, whilst most of the IB are stuck up and self-righteous, I still have managed to make a solid friend, which was something I was worried about.

    Oooo, yays. If you need a helping hand with the poems, you know where to come to for help! Ill always be happy with the excuse to re-read them :D
    No problem. :) Note it was Virtual Headache who discovered it was the problem for one person, albeit I did go all test-crazy and found it applied to at least some other people's posts as well. Apparently it makes the forums try to run a database query. >_<

    I spoke to Joe as well - he noticed before but he said the problem was hard to find. Now we have a lead. :)
    Thanks. :)

    Fairly awesome? Good then. ^^ But a nice birthday present to cover up the fact that you are late is a review. ;) =P
    xD Thank you hun! And you're better than me - I always end up congratulating people at least four days late. xD;

    They're just jealous. ;3

    *shot again*
    I don't think you did! Aww, you're welcome.

    Good reviews are hard to come by, so I couldn't help but try my best at being at least a halfway decent reviewer by mentioning what I liked, what I disliked, and what could be imrpoved upon!

    Never a problem. It definitely deserved it.
    If you can't get the review in by Tuesday, just combine the review for 54 and 55 into one long post - one of my other reviewers is planning to do the same with 53, 54, and 55 XD

    Ha, it was about time I got off my lazy butt and actually posted my nominations...

    I don't want to type too long of a post here in 'visitor messages' so I'll just say in short, I'm very sorry for my sudden disappearance and I want you to look out for the new version of +Pink+ because it's... well, dead ^__^; Sorry if you thought that I had died or something, anyway, I hope I'll see ya around the forums again.

    +Frosted Heavens+ (ah, it feels good typing that again:))

    Any chance at getting my chapter looked over today? Sorry to rush you, but I do want to get it posted within the week. Thanks!
    lool. I somehow knew the poem would get referenced ;)

    lol. We didnt really get that at our school, as nobody expected anyone to have "expectations". Just to get through it alive really.

    And we never had anything BUT A4 books. You get used to it. When it comes to the sheets, what you have to do is fold it in half twice, then stick them in (making sure they open out how they are meant to though. I dont know how many times I stuck sheets in upside down).

    And 3 cheers for Iodine. I remember one girl managed to stain her forearm permenantly with the stuff. Good times. And I dont think ANYONE manages to go a whole 5 years without Iodine on their books. Apart from the ones that arent trusted with Iodine obviously.

    I must admit, im terrified bout college. But at least the day will start well. Me and my best friend are walking there. Itll be the first time we've properly spoken in person since before I went on holiday (Unless you count the incoherant babbling after getting results)
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