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  • I guess you could say the same for mine, lol. Pretty lazy, just hanging out with friends and going to the local pool. I'm kind of glad to be a bit busy again.

    So what else has been going on? Having fun doing any writing and/or bugging out about your favorite t.v. show ;P
    *grabs defribulators* CLEAR *defribulates convo*

    Beep beep beep.

    Or, in simpler terms. BUMP. :)

    What have you been up to then? Back at school yet? How's Year 11 being? (Is it already a nightmare ;))

    I start College tomorrow *bites nails down to stubs*
    ...I lurk around the Fan Fiction section...so I know what's acceptable when I finally start a fanfic of my own...XD
    My pleasure, I honestly think that it is the best fic I've read on SPPf, much better than some of the crap that actually gets published these days, if only there weren't the problems with copyright...
    And Archopy, well, I didn't particualarly mind Sceptile originally. True, I liked Grovyle better, but now I'm a anti-Sceptilist through and through XD. The design is ingenious too, it builds perfectly on everything that makes Grovyle awesome. And the background, seamless, survival of the fittest gone mad; it shows what happens when "intelligent" creatures screw with evolution (in the none-pokemon sense of the word). I love it.
    It's cos I'm on the xbox, so when it signs me onto msn, I like... Have to log off. Not my xbox, not allowed on msn. -rage-

    Hope to be online soon, I HAS MANY THINGS TO SPEAK TO YOU ABOUT.

    Also. I have a very good reason for you to give me your address. I won't say much but, present.
    xD Yes, I can indeed. God were those some good episodes. x3

    I wonder who'll be his new companion? I must admit, I'm going to miss Donna. She owned. ;_;

    (And was even better than the other companions so ha- *shot*) xD

    x3 L is more than cool. I liked Light until he joined the team, then I 'L' fangirled. x3

    xD I just laughed when I saw how little time he got. After blinking at the screen stupidly for a couple seconds, that is. :x

    *joins in building a sugar cube tower and starts working on a turret* x3
    xD Thanks!

    AND I WATCHED THE EPISODES. O.O Oh my lord, I did not see that coming. xD

    At least Rose got her Doctor, although the bits about whether he is the same one she fell in love with or not are sure to bug her for at least a while. But it was good. :3

    Poor donna!

    Oh, Death Note, death note. I started watching it when it was just starting the second season, and stupidly stopped just four episodes from the end. But it was good. I've never found myself actively wishing for someone to die. :x

    And you can talk to me about it - I've seen/read the ending, so I know it all. x3 What did you think about Matts appearance?

    xD I was looking forward to it - I'd heard so much about him, seen all of the fangirls, but it was hilariously short.

    AND L IS WIN. He deserves many cookies and fangirls. x3 *joins jooo*
    Curse the lag. >.<

    And the addictiveness of 'Twenty-eight Days Later'. :x But I respond!

    She wants to watch it then because she's special. ;D And because she's 'not in the mood', which is a sucky reason if ya ask me. ):

    xD Woot for the amazingness of Meta Knight! I am overly attached to Pit, I must admit, but multiple characters are fun. x3

    And I am jealous of joo and your Mario Kart. D: xD Sounds like amazing fun!

    *now knows what she wants for christmas*

    Sorry for not responding before now, by the way. xD; Had a celebratory sleepover with a friend of mine. :x Sorry!

    xD Super Secret army is super fun. :D *shot*

    And the results!

    Biology: A
    Physics: A
    Chemistry: A
    Maths: A*
    English Language: A
    English Literature: A*
    AiDA: A
    Drama: B
    History: A
    French: C
    Business Studies: A*
    RE: A
    Statistics: A*

    Pretty pleased with them, overall! French is a let down, but I expected it. xD; You can't not pay any attention for a whole year and expect to get a good grade. Drama... You know the story. *headesk* The exams were my save grace. xD


    Thankyou so much. Im so hyper/adrenelin-y, I can barely type. I couldnt believe it when I looked at my results (Especially the first page of results). There were 3 slips see, because I took GCSEs from OCR, AQA and Edexcel. The AQA page was at the top, and what did I see on there. ENGLISH LANGUAGE A?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! HISTORY A?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I couldnt believe it. Especially History, which I thought id be lucky to get a C in. And English Language, the one ive been worrying most about, I got an A in.

    Im especially happy because this means I met the requirements for the International Baccalaureatte, and wont have to try and persuade my interviewer tomorrow to let me in. I needed an A in Maths, B or above in English Language, Biology and Chemistry, and Bs and above in 2 other subjects (Or 1 because of Statistics).

    And thankyou!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D *dances with elyvorg*
    *glomps* Got back this morning. *pummels with cookies* Thankies!

    ARGH my sister is against watching it, (she wants to wait 'till the christmas special) but I will watch it. I promise. I really, really do-


    xD Woot for Super Smash Bros! I hope you had fun. :3 Super smash OWNS - not that I'm good enough not to die half the time. *stoned* What was your favourite character? :3 Not being touristy is more than good - my family apparently screams tourist, even when we're at home. D: We arrive in the UK and a taxi driver heads beline for us. xD *headesk*

    Wii and television in the guest bedroom- I am more than jealous. *drools at thought* xD

    And well done on your placing, hun! *showers with cookies* Your response was right on time, no worries - I feel bad for taking so long to judge that the results were pushed back so far. xD; I felt and still feel very inadequate as a judge. ):

    And egads, ten guesses what tomorrow is. *frets* I slept most of today, which leaves me awake now with a humungo head ache worrying my head off. ;_; At least my busy-ness distracted me. You'll know how it went by how dejected I sound when I come back. xD

    *is entranced by italics* Yes, I will, I will watch them... *totters off*


    Nearly forgot - woot, you've joined the secret wars! *glomps* It'll be extra fun now. x3 Gotta post there, actually, let them know I'm alive. :x *pummels with cookies and uses banner as a cape*

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