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Last Activity:
Dec 30, 2014
May 11, 2011
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Emboar rocks

emboar4ever was last seen:
Dec 30, 2014
    1. Eaglehawk
      hey emboar im interested in hearthome. can you pm me wages and we can talk then? thanks ;)
    2. McDanger
      to answer your question no, there are no hard feelings on either side in about 99% of people, please reframe from posting on the PR thread again unless your a member as you can be infracted, and no one wants that :P
    3. emboar4ever
      Im in Tourmaline
    4. Soperman
      Are you in a house yet?
      EDIT: Wait, nvm, I can't find your name on any of the houses.
    5. emboar4ever
      Sure, i have a team set up :D. Some easy points 4 u :P
    6. drakeball
      When you're ready with your PO team, you wanna try a battle against one of my teams? I have one team, that was for a gym (in my previous clan), and the other one is just a one which is a little nooby xD
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