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  • I replied to your thoughts on BB. Didn't touch on everything, but I feel I addressed most of your major points. :) And I just wanted to say THANK YOU again for such a fantastically thought-out review.
    I am, admittedly, bad at accepting criticism a lot of times without feeling depressed. Which is completely immature and unbecoming! But I always try to be respectful when responding to it, and I REALLY DO store away all the advice I ever get in my head and think about it at depth as I continue writing. But I was just worried I was too [something] in that reply. I really do think your advice/thoughts were helpful!
    I hope I didn't seem, at points, too defensive in my reply to your summary of my last chapter. It was 4am and I had a headache when I replied, and I thought, upon re-reading it, that it might have read more defensively than I intended. :)
    Oh and I didnt say boy with Steve because he was over 21. In which, one day you should read the Bump story in my signature. Also, the first line about the rotton egg, the grunt who said that was twelve.
    Okay. I only do that in dialouge when say Jupiter is reffering to them. Or Team Dark (even though TD sees all my characters as children)
    I agree on that one. 32 is indeed an adult. However, 17 isn't a grown woman to me and I don't want to feel forced to think it is. I have taken advice and did the "commander" and using her name to. I've been using that more as you saw. I only used girl about 4 times and you still got upset. That's why I was puzzled. :[

    I still want to use the word when I believe that under 18 isn't grown. You know, I want to use it every once in a full moon, if that's okay with you.
    Well, the woman/girl thing is one. I only used it sprangly and still no one's on the same page. :[
    Me not being for gay marriage is my own personal belief that I don't rub in people's faces.

    Yeah I understood the bleeding hearts part. I just tend to not use my emotions when it comes to politics (unless it's men's issues)
    Mind that I'm not all privileged. I'm only half white and not gay on that part. I am for equality, yes. I am for equal opportunity.
    I didn't say it was a bad thing. I said bleeding hearts because I've been in many political debates and I've seen to where most of the responses to the issues are fulled by pure emotion. There's nothing wrong with wanting equal rights. What I am for is for equal opportunity but not equal outcome. But if someone begs to differ on something like gay marriage, we get the BIGOTTTTTTTT YEW NEED TO DIEEE alot. Or I get the classic "Im so hateful" speech. Which is why I stay from issues that are emotion fueled.
    Precisely. I'm not really sure what it'd fall under, since I'd usually call something like your fic "character-centric" or "character exploration." (That's the kind of fic I tend to write most as well.)
    Hm, good question, since there aren't a lot of options. I'd say Canon-Based Character is probably the closest you'll get, but up to you in the end. Did you have any other ideas?
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