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  • OMG same! I'm really self-conscious too! Lol okies; random blurt out...!

    Totally. Yup, I know what you mean!
    Same! Sonic X has awesome, famous characters, so you can actually face watching the eps again and again and again! I <3 to, anyway!
    Ugh, I know! They are judging a book by its cover. Yes, those games may have sucked, but there are plenty of fantastical ones that they've probably ever heard of, 'cause they're too lazy and not true-fan enough to check out the rest of the series. ¬_¬
    (I actually want to buy Sonic 2006, just to see what was so crap. Well, I know what was crap, but I just wanna get it - mainly for the cutscenes and the parts where you play as Tails! xD)
    I know! Screw them. I think it looks amazing! I hate how cartoony the humans are, but still. I'm not to sure 'bout the werehog. I think its a pretty stupid storyline, but you never know 'till you try it! (Aw geez, now I'm judging the, uh, game by its cover... >_<)
    Yes, instead of rambling, we should actually save this talk for the club!! ^^;;

    Exactly! It shows how much of a fan you truley are! And yes, exactly how I feel!
    Lol, yes you do! I just did a load of reading at school... @_@
    Thanks a bunch! Yeah, I've missed it too... I'm more of a follower IRL, but on the Internet, I am a leader! Lol OK, when I get around to making the club, you will be but down as Co-Owner!
    Lol, no problem! ^-^
    Ok maybe not all of them, but that's where the majority of those computer help call-in centers are located. lol that just shows that you only make local calls.

    Yay! =D I shall go have a look at the thread eventually. I shouldn't even be on the forums now - I have to finish my essay. But I don't wanna~ D: Procrastination will be the death of me, I swear.

    Same here. I wanted to make a banner the other day but I didn't wanna use a lame Paint program so I decided I might go download GIMP. I hear nothing but good things! <3 Then maybe I can contribute some of my own Palletshipping fanart =D You're welcome! Haha yes, Bulbapedia has awesome hint pages. I used some of the Serebii episode screenshots for some of them, but there's still a couple of episodes I have yet to use... namely, the two in Sinnoh ^_^

    Well there was a movie Shaymin given out at the ... what movie are we on? 11? 12? ... anyway, a movie called "Giratina and the Sky Bouquet Shaymin" came out in Japanese theaters in July, and apparently they were giving out Shaymin during that time. Sadly, you can't put it on the GTS because of a ribbon that restricts that option... but otherwise you have to hack a Shaymin by using an Action Replay (ie: cheat device) to get yourself to Flower Paradise. And Arceus, there's no event for it yet, so you have to hack yourself into the Hall of Origin with the cheating device... XD

    And now, I'm down to 4, because someone traded me a Garchomp for a Vaporeon I offered. And neither have I, actually. I almost filled my original Red version Pokedex but I think the game has since died... mrah. Hmm it was a bit of hard work, yes. I certainly couldn't've done it without the kind people in these forums :'D

    Mrah, it's not a stupid question, and you pretty much answered it yourself. There's a slot in the bottom of your DS in which an older Pokemon game can be inserted (Ruby Sapphire Emerald FireRed & LeafGreen). You can pick Pokemon off that cartridge and send them to your Diamond or Pearl game but you can't ever get them back on your GBA game. Once it's gone, it's gone for good.

    What do you mean cheating? :p Oh I heard somewhere that (I think it's in the FRLG games), you can see a shiny Espeon in the Battle Tower. See, now, for the longest time, all I ever had was the standard shiny Gyarados on Silver & Crystal. Then I caught a shiny Pidgey in Crystal but my internal battery wiped out so I don't have it anymore D: I'm actually up to 5 shinies now. First was a Geodude, then Elekid, then Buizel. (Those last 2 came from the very same area - Valley Windworks - about 2 weeks apart). Then I got a shiny Starly someone traded me ^^ And most recently I got a shiny Mew off the GTS, but I can't be sure if it's real. Hell, I'm keeping it anyway. A pale blue Mew would be cute in a contest, right?

    I do envy the Pokemon world, actually XP I'd love to go on a Pokemon journey =D (And dude, no schoolwork, what's there not to love?) Pff, I can't imagine job hunting on Pokemon! It's like, can you imagine Ash, 30-something years old, forced to stop traveling and get a job? XDDDD Oh lord, the tears of laughter are welling up in my eyes just thinking about it! xD Oh and Paul! Paul! Imagine that kid with a job in the real world!! (Do you watch the Diamond & Pearl TV eps, by the way? :p)

    Yep, college. Hopefully my final year x_x Augh, and there's still October and beyond left to go~ D:
    Aw, I see. Yeah, that would've been a bit embarrassing! Going on here when others were studying! ^^;

    I know! Its a good anime if you are a true Sonic fan! I'm not a huge critic when it comes to things like that. Yes, that'll be good, 'cause I do like to talk about the games too!

    Its OK!! You're not stealing anything from me! Its just, I really wanted a chance to be an owner of something... If I'm just a member I don't feel as important, and it makes me feel like people don't think I love the series as much as I do. If its ok, can I start it? And you can be co-owner and 2nd in command!! I promise!
    Honestly, you're such a nice person! If it was anyone else, they'd be yelling their butts off at wanting to start it and then there would be fall-outs, etc. You are considerate about everyone else and put them before you! That's so nice ^-^

    Really? That's a shame...
    Hi! I was wondering where you were!
    I know... I was upset that -*LF*- closed it, but I thought it was a good thing since no one was posting.
    Yeah it will, but I had the exact same idea! I was gonna start a new Sonic club... T-T I just wanted to show people how much I love the series by being then owner of a Sonic club - but if you make one, could I at least be co-owner and 2nd in command? ^^;;

    Aww... No Taismo? Lol, oh well. Ok, thanks for keeping me informed in there's more! ^^
    lol very late indeed, but that's ok :3 It's frustrating dealing with those internet guys. Oh man, I feel for ya. It's hard going without internet when you're so used to having it X.x And that's no surprise that they sent your call to India. That's where they all go XD; But yay, the problem's fixed now, right? *hugs*

    Yay! =D the link's in my sig ^^ I'm very proud of it <3 And of course you can join!! I'm sure we'd love to have you =D

    Right now, I only need 5 more Pokemon (not counting Shaymin and Arceus, who you can only get by hacking) to fill my dex :D How many can I catch in-game? Well there's over 100 new Pokemon in the Sinnoh Dex, and if you add on all the ones you can catch after defeating the Elite 4, I think it should round up to... maybe 150? Don't quote me on that. XD It's a very vague estimate. But I had to Pal Park a LOT of Pokemon and I did some advertising on the Serebii Trade Forums. Oh yeah, I worked hard. I have over 350 hours of gameplay on my Diamond game. Some Pokemon even got trained to lv.30, some to lv.50, for evolutionary forms =3 And I even got some shinies~! =D

    (supposedly? lol) It's tough to hunt for a job. Especially one that you enjoy, and that'll pay fairly well. And me either, really xD I think it'd be fun to be a translator, but more than anything, I just want to travel. A lot of people travel after college/university, and I think it's a fine idea :3 (And beyond that, I haven't really got any ambitious plans. I'm just trying to make it through to the end of September! XD)
    Oh wow! Thanks for the links! I think I'll try the Tails one! xD

    Hm.. There doesn't happen to be a Tails and Cosmo relationship one, does there? Lol ^-^
    Hello! That bishie thing was a joke, but i really like sonic to be my bishie. Noprob. i really like fan-listing things =p.Yay! Another sonamy fan! -cheers- les talk something about it now....where should we start? I know how about epi.9
    Hehe... not so much. Yeah I've been on hiatus from the forums for 2 years... apparently, not much to be missed. I don't remember any profile messages back in the day, either.

    I missded you~~~ *glomp*

    I'm well, thanks! Enjoying the last day of August on this dark and rainy day :) I hope you're well, too!

    Lately, I've been working really hard on completing my Diamond version Pokedex. I only need 19 more Pokemon to finish it, though most of them are legendaries... And I'm the owner of the only PalletShipping thread in SPP forums :D I think you should join. (Provided you like the pairing, of course XD) How about you? Doing any epic undertakings before school starts?
    OMG you steal my bishies from me >_< im gonna join your fanlisting now! I love sonic the hedgehog since im 6! what am i, stupid? im also a sonamy fan ^.^ so....can i be your friend?
    Hi! How are you?
    I had a look at your Fanlisting site about Sonic - its really awesome. I would join but I'm not Sonic's not my fave character ^^;; I mean, I think he's great, but I like Tails more! ^-^ xDDD
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