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  • Yeah, that's the one I currently use atm. Might use the B-Dasher when I get it, though. :x
    I just thought, wouldn't it be easier to contact the guys who made your mic and ask when they're gonna update the software?
    For the love of Sweden... DOES IT MATTER!?

    Nononono - the only way in is by one of the prison transport ships that travels between Kanto and the prison. When the ship is on land, Petrel stealthily knocks the guard leader out and takes his appearance while the grunts pile into the ship. When all the guards get back to the ship, the grunts do the same as Petrel did. Upon arriving back at Shadow Ark, because they now have clearance, the Petrel-guard goes and sees the warden and then knocks him out to become him. From there, dressed as the warden, he goes to the control room and unlocks the cells to a bunch of prisoners, creating a distraction. While the guards (except the ones that are grunts in disguise) put all their effort into rounding up the loose convicts, Petrel deactivates the door to Giovanni's cell... and the outer forcefield, not before placing an EMP bomb on the main power switch. The guards are so focused on all the other prisoners loose in the prison that they don't notice Giovanni's absence. Now that the outer forcefield is down, Proton contacts Petrel, who is standing by in a nearby chopper, and lands nearby. The minute Proton lands, Petrel pulls the trigger and activates the EMP bomb, shutting off all he power to the whole island. With no lights inside the prison and prisoners running around like headless chickens, the coast is clear for Petrel, the grunts and Giovanni to escape to Proton's helicopter, which quickly takes off.
    No I didn't... Did I?

    Just wondering.

    No, Silver raised a team of 6 strong Pokemon and fought his way to the Elite Four, and after losing there he travelled to Kanto and became even stronger. Silver's a very powerful trainer, especially once he started caring properly for his Pokemon... But Ryo is in a complete other leauge, he's one of the 10 strongest trainers in the world, of course Silver would lose. Hell, even Cynthia would be easily beaten by any of the Paladins.

    Okay MAYBE this arc is inspired by a few different sources....
    (Cont'd) Ryo and his men take off in their copter with Silver's mum tied up, just after Ryo (who's convinced Silver knows where Giovanni is) tells Silver that if he wants to see his mum again, they'll be waiting for Giovanni in Hoenn.

    King of Trainers Arc - Silver's furious at himself for being too weak to beat Ryo and save his mum. Jason and Chloe try to convince him that Ryo was, ya know, one of the STRONGEST IN THE WORLD, but Silver's too self-absorbed in disappointment to care, and the fact they're taking her to Hoenn doesn't help, because Silver has no way of getting there. They return to Silver's house and Jason turns on the TV, only to see an advertisement for an upcoming championship called The King of Trainers Battle Tournament (sponsored by Silph. Co :)). In a few days, there will be a few tents propped up in a few cities in every major region, where every trainer looking to enter must defeat one of the tourney's reps in a Pokemon battle. Those that win are sent on a boat to Sander Island; a tropical island with a massive skyscraper in the center. Every participant in the tourney is given two key cards, which the trainers in the tourney must wager in battles around the island. Any trainer that wins twenty key cards is eligable for the finals, held in the large skyscraper at the centre of the island. The winner of the tournament is awarded a large sum of prize money and four all-expenses paid tickets to any region the winner chooses on a five-star cruise. The advert for the tourney grabs Silver's attention, who decides to enter the tournament and win the cruise so he can go to Hoenn and rescue his mum.
    Greenwood Town Arc - 2 weeks after the events of HGSS, Silver returns to his hometown of Greenwood Town, a small village situated between Cherrygrove City and Violet City. He finds his old house and re-unites with his mum, who bollocks him for disappearing all this time without saying a word. He also catches up with his two former best friends, Jason Callaghan and Chloe Hart. Now that Team Rocket's been beaten again and Giovanni safely in prison, it seems that Silver can finally settle down in his hometown. BUT, outside there is more happening - Shadow Ark Isle, the most secure maximum prison in the world, is situated on an island 50 miles south of Kanto. There are guards and cameras EVERYWHERE and the whole island is surrounded by an impenetrable force field (that includes UNDER the island, so you couldn't get out by submarine or anything like that). It's impossible to get in or out without a guard's clearance - so what happens? Petrel, TR's master of disguise, and a bunch of grunts pose as guards to get in, deactivate a lot of the prison from the inside, and bust Giovanni out before picking him up in a helicopter. Obviously, its all over the news the next morning. Silver is P*SSED to learn his evil dad has escaped, and things are about to get worse; the government gets it in their head that kidnapping Giovanni's ex-wife (Silver's mum) and holding her hostage will lure him out. While Silver, Jason and Chloe are ot training in the woods, a squad of government agents led by Ryo Tentrack, one of the Paladins, invades Greenwood and interrogates Silver's mum, before abducting her. Silver and his friends arrive back just as they're leaving, and trail them all the way to their helicopter just outside Cherrygrove. An overconfident Silver challenges Ryo to a battle, but obviously Silver gets absolutely owned.
    ...wait, what?


    No, i mean do you HAVE one?

    I probably did, but he's awesome so i got another. The writing part, probably when i get my laptop. But i have a fair few kinks worked out; the story will be in arcs similar to One Piece, the Master Knights (the 10 strongest trainers in the world, collected by the government to keep the peace) are now called the Paladins because it's shorter and it means a "holy knight" anyway. I got the first two arcs planned out;
    Say, do you like my new avatar? Coolest child in the Pokemon world.... and the fic i plan to write (at some stage) about what he gets up to after the events of HGSS has had a lot of its plot point re-worked.
    Yeah but judging by what you've told me, Skype doesn't seem to be in any rush to fix the problem.

    No, i was saying the only Zelda i've played is Phantom Hourglass and i didn't like it, but i've been told that's one of the worst ones.

    Hang on a second - do you not have a laptop? Most laptops nowadays come with a built in webcam, couldn't you just use that for Skype till that update thingy comes around?
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