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Last Activity:
Apr 11, 2012
Sep 13, 2006
Likes Received:
Nov 18, 1993 (Age: 26)

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kamikorosu, 26, from Finland

emerald18 was last seen:
Apr 11, 2012
    1. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus
      Who needs that when you can SPEAK chat?

      The majority of those little tiddybits in that video are either nothing new, or nothing that you would see unless you actually either CARED, or dug deep enough. I've said it before and i'll say it again - ignore the few things you don't like and just use the Pokemon and the mechanics that you DO like.

      Meh. I'll look it up when i can be arsed - unlike you i consider things and don't just brush them off.
    2. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus
      Just a suggestion pal. There has to be an easier way to do this.

      ...Your point?

      No. Haven't even got the first one yet, plus who even says the second will get localised?
    3. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus
      Maybe restore the old settings? It could be ages before that update comes about.

      Come on dude, make the Gen-Jump :)

      Yeah, Xenoblade is made by Monolith, The Last Story by Mistwalker and Pandora's Tower by Ganbarion.
    4. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus
      Maybe i didn't understand in the first place? Besides my memory's a bit faded since the first time you told me, can you be a pal and go into a bit more detail?

      And yet you STILL had loads left.

      Yeah, you know - Xenoblade, The Last Story and Pandora's Tower - 3 games released last year for the Wii by Nintendo that seemingly had no chance of getting localised. So some American fans started a campaign called Operation Rainfall, which was basically to spam Nintendo with emails asking them to release them in America. So what does Nintendo do? They stick up a middle finger and confirm all 3 games for Europe, but not America. We already have Xenoblade, The Last Story was confirmed the other day to be out over here on February 24th, and we've got Pandora's Tower on the way for early next year too. The Last Story is an RPG by the creator of Final Fantasy, while Pandora's Tower is a hack-and-slash/action-RPG hybrid by the guys who made One Piece: Gigant Battle.
    5. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus
      Okay, remind me - what's the problem?

      Come on now, Mr. I Go To Camp And Got Loads Of Money, don't be a stop-behind. You're missing out on the freshest-feeling Pokemon game since the 2nd gen.

      That's about right, yeah. Oh, and we're getting The Last Story on the 24th of February... i'll pick that up, but Pandora's Tower is the one of the Rainfall Trio that i'm most interested in; it reminds me of Castlevania.
    6. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus
      I didn't get any message, i was on Skype on my PSP since i no longer have my Android phone.

      Why be behind when you can jump on the wagon a few months late?

      Well i've beaten an annoying boss and now i'm moving up in the world - literally, i'm on the knee (don't ask)
    7. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus
      And what you gonna do? Wait for 6th gen?
    8. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus
      Then what's the problem? Because neither me nor anyone i know with Skype has this problem.

      Maybe i had no cash? I barely had enough for Xenoblade.
    9. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus
      Oh, and you really need to make the Poke-Gen jump to the 5th gen. Come on now, you're a whole gen behind AND you're missing out on infinite TM's!!
    10. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus
      And no, I didn't get Skyward Sword.
    11. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus
      The other day and it worked just fine. Come on now, you can get a decent computer mike/headset FOR A POUND.
    12. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus
      Fix it you ****, I'm bored!!

      Anywho, I now have Xenoblade Chronicles.
    13. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus
      Fixed your Skype mike yet?
    14. -Electivire-
    15. HanoiRose
      Ei oo Wiitä. En koskaan oikeen nähny käyttöö sellaselle.
    16. HanoiRose
      En pelaa Wifissä ku mun DS ei saa yhteyttä. Tai jtn
    17. Sceprile
      No terve vain! Onko sulla suomalaista mielipidettä siitä, että uskotko R/S/E remakeihin? Minä luulen, (ainakin toivon!!) että sellaiset tulevat :)
    18. HanoiRose
      päivää... ja sellast
    19. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus

      I'll come on tomorrow... if i remember :)
    20. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus
      Excuse for what...?
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    Nov 18, 1993 (Age: 26)
    Favourite Pokémon:
    real and 3-dimensional but enough about me, how you doing

    Games,watching anime and so on


    SSBB fc:4167-6278-2357
    Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon fc:3695 4126 9239
    HG fc:1763 5077 0558
    Diamond fc:2750 0697 2750
    pbr fc:0903-2338-8296
    Wii number: 5980 8764 9294 7288
    SatBK fc: 2020-5682-6888
    mk wii fc: 1375-9321-9911
    CoD:MW:R: too lazy to check

    pm me for a match/other needs