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Last Activity:
Apr 11, 2012
Sep 13, 2006
Likes Received:
Nov 18, 1993 (Age: 26)

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kamikorosu, 26, from Finland

emerald18 was last seen:
Apr 11, 2012
    1. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus
      Very nice, but you have way too much time on your hands bro...
    2. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus
      Sounds like SOMEBODY's been a bit bored lately :)
    3. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus
      Hell and back, my friend :)

      I dunno. Idle.
    4. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus
      Did you just hang up on me? Dx
    5. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus
      Get on Skype! I was trying you practically all of yesterday (AFTER school hours)

      The next DQ is nearly within my grasp :D I'm gonna play 9 for a bit, haven't touched it for months.
    6. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus
      YES! Now i remember... never heard of Game Heroes though?

      Oh, Ross. No he hasn't.

      I've been playing Dragon Quest 4 all day in hype :D
    7. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus
      ...sort of, but i can't think from where.

      Ross or Alex?

      By the way - Dragon Quest 6 DS is ORDERED :D
    8. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus
      Not anymore (hint-hint)

      Well i now have the soundtrack to 4, i may download 5's soundtrack too (i much prefer the music in 5, but 4 was the first one i played), and the same for 6 when i get it this weekend.

      Watch the rest of Achmed!
    9. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus
      I would tap her...

      Have you WATCHED what i just showed you? The dude's f*cking hilarious!!

      And i am in SUCH a good mood right now :D I just found a Dragon Quest fansite that has downloads to EVERY soundtrack from EVERY Dragon Quest game that's even been made (even the spin-offs that haven't been released outside Japan). This is a big thing cause the Dragon Quest soundtrack downloads are IMPOSSIBLE to find. I'm already pumped for the DS remake of Dragon Quest 6 coming out this friday, and THIS has just made me VERY happy :D
    10. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus
    11. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus
      Get it and then we can batttlleeeeeeee... :D

      Okay so i didn't see it today, but iwas rehearsing away from everyone today so i couldn't cover as much ground...
    12. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus
      Exactamundo! There's loads of good ones you just need to play the game.

      I WILL see that mushroom tomorrow at college. I'd bet my eyebrows on it.
    13. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus

      So NONE of Gen 5's 'mon look cool at all?

      How is THAT gonna save me from an insane mushroom at college!? I'm IN college tomorrow!!
    14. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus
      I agree 100% with the fire starter (at least with the fire/fighting thing...) but a few uncreative 'mon aside, it's an upgrade you're gonna have to make sooner or later.

      Seriously, what about when Gen 6 comes out? What if Gen 6's 'mon are a lot more imaginative?

    15. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus
      Okay so the creators are running low on ideas... dude it's still a NEW POKEMON GAME!!

      It SEEMS that i'm being stalked at college. Not by a person, but by a mushroom. Yes, you heard right. Seriously, someone at my college has made this big-arse mushroom, with a wooden base and a cardboard stalk and a head/top made of fabric and cushion. It's massive, like a bean bag chair, and yet whenever we go into one of our rehearsal rooms, it's ALWAYS THERE!! It's obvious either someone on my course or one of the A-Level Drama students made it, but WHY!? Seriously, we go just go on with college days and its always THERE. Nobody seems to know who made it, or for what reason. It FOLLOWS US AROUND. Wherever we go, it's just THERE. Plenty of people on my course just sit on it like a chair, but honestly - nobody seems to have a clue as to the purpose of its existence!! The mushroom stalks us (bad pun, i know) and we sit on it and roll it like a ball, and we leave it in one of the rooms, but it comes back!! It knows where we are!! IT KNOOOOOWWWWWWWWSSSSSSSSS!!!! Someone call a f*cking gardner, it's a goddamn MUSHROOM following my course around!!!!
    16. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus
      ...Everything else is a monster...

      Speaking of GEARS, i'm getting Gears of War 2 tomorrow (after i FINALLY finished the first) and once i complete it i can get Gears of War 3 when it comes out :)

      Seriously, it's well addictive.
    17. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus

      Persona 3 Portable arrived in the post today. It's f*cking EPIC, that's all i'm saying for now cause i wanna get back to playing it right nowwww...
    18. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus
      Obama - white, nice comparison :) Me! I'm currently training for the 5th gym, my team so far - Servine, Tranquil, Panpour, Krockorok, Solosis, Vanillite. Awesome game dude, you REALLY should get ittttttt :)

      My PSP has the mic -_-;
    19. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus
      Guess who got Pokemon White? :)

      As they say - Mama Luigi.

      Haven't been on it cause i haven't used my PSP - the whole PSN hacking ordeal and all...
    20. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus
      Shut up Meg -_-;

      They were battery-powered, and quite effective at that lol.

      I threatened him cause HIS gun was in MY hand... besides, any one else would have done the same :)

      Nope, the leg/back/side.
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  • About

    Nov 18, 1993 (Age: 26)
    Favourite Pokémon:
    real and 3-dimensional but enough about me, how you doing

    Games,watching anime and so on


    SSBB fc:4167-6278-2357
    Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon fc:3695 4126 9239
    HG fc:1763 5077 0558
    Diamond fc:2750 0697 2750
    pbr fc:0903-2338-8296
    Wii number: 5980 8764 9294 7288
    SatBK fc: 2020-5682-6888
    mk wii fc: 1375-9321-9911
    CoD:MW:R: too lazy to check

    pm me for a match/other needs