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Last Activity:
Apr 11, 2012
Sep 13, 2006
Likes Received:
Nov 18, 1993 (Age: 26)

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kamikorosu, 26, from Finland

emerald18 was last seen:
Apr 11, 2012
    1. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus
      Tru dat.

      Meh they were alright once you were around them for a bit. She's pretty, yup.

      What typo?

      Well i had a pistol, Danny was on my team and he had an MP5 i think (it was some sort of SMG anyway), while Mark had some sort of assault rifle (i think it was a SCAR-L or SCAR-H).
      And i told you not to ask -_-; sigh... later on when we were back in Mark's room, i grabbed my pistol and threatened him with it for ages before finally shooting him 3 times at close range. He was in pain (apparently) so i decided to make it even, i aimed the pistol at my thigh and pulled the trigger. I yelped and just rubbed it for a bit.
    2. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus
      I DID ask my grandma, R.I.P, to get me an N64 for Christmas one year, but only the word "Nintendo" seemed to register with her and she bought me a SNES by accident.

      *facepalm* I'm using the term "Power Rangers" to describe a group of 5 guys. And i know her (she's called Emily) because she's on my course at college, though she's in the year below me.

      Yes? And after the gym i went to Mark's house. Danny soon arrived, and since Mark owns some BB guns then we went into the garden in the sun and had a shootout. BB bullets were flying EVERYWHERE, i inflicted a few wounds, though Mark scored a headshot on me (literally, he got me in the chin) and later on i shot myself in the thigh (don't ask...) but me and Danny got him back later on.

      Dude, have you EVER been shot with a BB gun? It f*cking STINGS.
    3. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus
      I've never owned an N64.

      Nah a new one. Those guys were alright, one of them i'd met before, another i'd heard of before cause i know loads of people who know him, the other 3 were just random lads she knew. 2 of them were like a comedy duo, the other didn't have anything to point out. But i couldn't exactly "get anywhere" with the Power Rangers around, now could i?

      If i were online when i saw that, i would have gone on with you. Tomorrow i'm gonig to the gym then to my mate's.
    4. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus
      Pokemon... difficulties? Ha! If only...

      Meh, today wasn't as fun as i expected. She brought along 5 of her mates so I barely got a chance to speak to her.
    5. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus
      Having fun with that?

      YES, actually :) but my other mate is coming too and the 3 of us are going to the fair.
    6. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus
      Well try the other 2.

      And i'm gonna be out most of tomorrow D:
    7. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus
      Hmm... well the film is divided into 3 chapters, where did the first "episode" finish?

    8. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus
      Episode? Dude, it's a FILM. How long was this "episode"?

      You can't deny it has beautiful animation though...
    9. m190049
      ... .. .. PICK.
      Mine happen to be Gigalith, Carracosta, and Escavalier.

      *Noms snacks*
    10. m190049
      *Pokes with jousting-lance arm*

    11. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus
      Will doooooooooo...

      Close but no cigar. Tomorrow, on the other hand ;)
    12. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus
      If i watch South Park, you watch 5 Cm Per Second?

      Stuff happened... will have to wait till tomorrow bro.
    13. m190049
      Still typically typical and boring. D:
      I'm sooo monnotonousssss....
      *Lays on couch.*
    14. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus

      Me obviously -_-;

      I was using my computer, but what do you mean KIND? Skype is Skype, how would it be any different to yours?
    15. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus
      5 Cm Per Second.

      Never watched it.

      Yeah but how do i actually OPEN a chat with you? What do i click on from the main menu-thing? Direct me, will ya? I'm still confused.
    16. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus
      Watch it in a bit, you shalt regret it.

      It's impossible to watch it without laughing.

      Fiiiiiiiine... how do we do it?
    17. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus
      Art thou going to watch it?

      GET OUT.

      How would that be any different than what we're doing now?
    18. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus

      Family Guy?

      I was using my PSP that's why lol... besides what does it matter if you don't have a mic?
    19. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus
      In the time we been having this convo, you could have actually WATCHED the film lol.

      Shut up Meg.

      Mine's Rogue257, but how do i add you as a contact? It only seems to let me ring numbers, how can i actually add contacts?
    20. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus
      It sure SOUNDED like you were saying it...

      Care to elaborate then?

      Will do! What's your name on Skype?
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  • About

    Nov 18, 1993 (Age: 26)
    Favourite Pokémon:
    real and 3-dimensional but enough about me, how you doing

    Games,watching anime and so on


    SSBB fc:4167-6278-2357
    Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon fc:3695 4126 9239
    HG fc:1763 5077 0558
    Diamond fc:2750 0697 2750
    pbr fc:0903-2338-8296
    Wii number: 5980 8764 9294 7288
    SatBK fc: 2020-5682-6888
    mk wii fc: 1375-9321-9911
    CoD:MW:R: too lazy to check

    pm me for a match/other needs