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  • And they've all just been sitting idly by for months waiting for some update that's probably never going to happen.

    Fair enough. But it isn't the end of the world if they ARE in English. It doesn't make the game any better or worse.

    Awesome sauce :)
    YOU only seem to be the one having this problem.


    Fair enough.

    Indeed. We'll have to do that again sometime (SOON).
    Your friend didn't seem to have that problem...

    Are you serious? The voices in a game have absolutely nothing to do with how fun the actual game itself is.

    I see. Working anywhere nice?

    It was just a surprise, is all I'm saying.

    Then what IS it about

    Actually, none of the games have been dubbed. They've all kept the Japanese voices, the Unlimited Cruise games have full conversations between the characters in Japanese voices, I imagine Unlimited Cruise SP and Gigant Battle 2 (if it gets released here) will do the same.

    How much longer?

    You could have told me BEFORE you randomly called me -_-;

    As I just said down the mic, she does NOT look black.
    You sound like you don't WANT to get it fixed.


    You know, Namco Bandai have released a fair few One Piece games our way - both of the Unlimited Cruise games for the Wii, Gigant Battle, and we're getting the new Unlimited Cruise for the 3DS in February... who knows? Maybe this means we'll get Gigant Battle 2 as well.

    Ohhh. You mean like work experience we have over here? Where they send us to a workplace for 2 weeks to get an idea of the working environment?

    If they did that to anything more then it would just be borderline picky, and Nintendo is well aware of how people thinks of them. They don't like to disappoint.
    I'm making the effort, so make sure your Skype is fixed for then,

    Who said I was on about him? I meant wierdos on the internet in general.

    Yeah. TBH the choice is pretty limited, but it changes every now and then.

    Enlighten me.

    You know as well as I do that they most likely won't go any further than this. This is no different than applying a patch.
    You're forgetting i'm getting a laptop for Christmas. I'll be able to run Skype on a proper computer and you won't have to worry about my PSP mic again.

    Go on then. No, seriously.

    I can't even do that. Strangely enough, i can get online with every other Wii game.

    Then get it. It gives out demos for the DS and you can watch trailers for upcoming stuff, such as The Last Story as previously mentioned.

    Everything you love doing that school has stopped you from doing?

    Nooooo - they've only banned Sky Drop and Dark Void. Dunno what Sky Drop does, but only Darkrai can learn Dark Void and they wouldn't have banned it without good reason. With these new rules the threat of hackers is much lower.
    What's my alternative, bell end?

    You meet some STRANGEEEEEEE bros on the internet...

    Riiiiiiiight, about that... Brawl's online is spazzing out for me, it takes ages to connect to Wifi mode and then it just disconnects itself. Is it working fine for you?

    Get it then. It's free.

    Excellent! Then you got plenty of catch-up time :)

    That was MEANT to defeat your argument about the game being unbalanced. It will soon be impossible to use illegal moves and most legendaries online - doesn't that sound more appealing?
    Mate... I don't fancy heaaring my own voice echoed back to me.

    Was he Finnish too?

    I see... Well because im bound to my other devices besides my xbox for the moment (long story) I've been alternating between Brawl, Pokemon and (a bit of) Xenoblade Chronicles.

    By the way, have you seen the trailer for The Last Story on the Nintendo Channel? Even though its by the Final Fantasy creator, it seems to play surprisingly similar to Zelda.

    When do you finish for Christmas break anyway? Maybe then you can get back to your normal routine.

    Say, have you seen the new update on the main site? The rules for online are changing - most legendaries soon won't be able to be used online, and no Pokemon can be used online if it has a move(s) that it can't legitimately learn. You were saying about an unbalanced metagame? :)
    Poor me, i suppose.

    Heaaaaaaatran on a ballloooooooooonnnnnnnnn... that guy's channel has some good videos. How'd you come across it?

    What you been doing yourself lately anyway? Like, gaming AND real life-wise?
    Then how does it work?

    Yeah, my mate gave me back my GBA and I found Metroid Fusion in a used electronics shop. Now that I have my GBA back, there's a lot of GBA games I plan on hunting down (yes, that includes the Fire Emblems)
    Then how dost thou expect to play yonder soundboard down thine mic?

    Then elaborate.

    Metroid Fusion - since the other day
    Xenoblade Chronicles - since the other day
    Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia - on and off for the last year and a half (It's a HARD game!!)
    HANGONAMINUTE.... wouldn't your mic need to be working in order for you to play a soundboard through your computer's speakers down the mic to me?

    It just seems silly to not get Black or White just because you don't like SOME of the new Pokemon.

    Tell me that in a few months when you're bored of it.
    Even so, look into fixing it in more detail.

    Maybe not, but you ARE hating on what is likely the most widely relevant entries in the series at the moment?

    Speaking of One Piece, Unlimited Cruise SP comes out in Europe in early February.
    We can't hear each other, can we? Sort that out.

    You DO realise you're hating on a series you love?

    I've never imported a game in my life.
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