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  • Neither do i. It's just most people i battle against tend to ask me that. Thats why i dont really follow it. :/ Sorry, shouldve made it simpler.
    Sure. Although my team is still under construction... but it shall be ready by the time Platinum comes out. God, iv breeding and ev training isnt fun, but the results are worthwhile. ^^ What tier (uber, OU)do you battle by, or you just battle with any pokemon?
    I have Yellow, Silver, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Colosseum, Gale of Darkness, Battle Revolution, then Diamond and Platinum. Out of all of them, Emerald and Platinum was my favourites; i could finally soft reset for a good natured/iv'd Latios. Then there was the useful move tutors, and the Battle Frontier provided a challenge.

    Platinum is simply awesome; you have Giratina Origin Form, move tutors and much more. I dont want to spoil the rest though...
    Yeah, all anime I watch on T.V are english dubbed. (I only watch anime on T.V)

    I know this sounds like a random question, but what Pokemon games have you got?
    That's good. ^^

    I chose Lylat Cruise for a little project I'm doing on Youtube. Did you notice the different music? But, yeah... Lylat isn't exactly the most exciting of stages, but at least it's OK.
    I don't really like items, either. I have them all off.
    Ah, One Piece... I watched a few of the episodes on T.V, and i thought it was really good. I havent watched bleach though...
    Do you? FE is just awesome
    Hello. ^^

    I'm fine. How are you?

    Good games, by the way. This is the match where three of us were Ike, and lunar was Marth. :p
    Is that one of the new ones?
    To be honest I was never really interested in the series because it seemed boring. But I can tell FE has beautiful music based from what I hear on SSBB.
    Sorry about that; i meant to choose Pokemon Stadium, i didnt mean to choose Jungle Japes. And it wasnt me who put items in the match... (Dont forget about lag)

    Yeah, im doomed in FD lol
    As you know, i dont like like likes... I discovered something cool, (yet... scary). When a Like Like tries to eat you, stun it. Walk away from it, and when it is normal...

    But it only works in the OoT though.
    Dark Link was fun, one of the few challenging bosses in OoT. My most enjoyable bosses were Volvagia and Bongo Bongo. Of course, you cant forget about that epic battle with Ganon at the end...
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