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  • They were intense games nonetheless; especially Link vs Marth on the battlefield, still alive at about 150%!
    Just to let you know, I going to be less active over the next few days, due to exams. However if im online, feel free to challenge me to a brawl.
    Ok, my real GMT is -5, so that means we are seven hours apart. Hmmmmmm.
    How 'bout this saturday, when it will be 9:00am from where you live. That means it should be 4:00pm here. I usually have friends over on Saturday, so we could do, like the first 3 or 5 matches, 1-on-1, you and I, and then we could have one of my friends join, and one of your friends join. Then our friends, and us can exchange more codes. Although I feel that the bad end of the deal is on your side becuase you have to invite your friend over, maybe for a sleep-over (becuase who wants to be called at 9:00 in the morning) If you want to change this idea, speak otherwise. If you agree, then all I need is your Brawl code, and you can snag mine (as I might've said, last page of my account)
    I'm fine ,a little sick :/, but it's passing.
    I MIGHT be able to Brawl over the weekend; I just moved in w/ my sister so I don't know if there's any wi-fi around here. I'll have to try later.

    How are you?
    They were really intense games... You played well with Ganondorf, and the other who joined played well with Marth as well. We must battle again sometime! ^^
    Hey not much. You?
    It was Melee that got me curious about Fire Emblem (because i also mained Marth in that game), then I decided to get PoR. After playing PoR, I declared that Fire Emblem is one of my favourite Nintendo series. (Zelda, Pokemon and Mario close behind.)
    Then I got Radiant Dawn which I also thought was great. Unfortunatly I never got around to playing the GBA games...
    Are you up for a brawl?
    It depends where you live, becuase the GMT on my account is wrong, and If I were to list the times I'm available, then they would probably be different for you.
    For your reference, I live in New Jersey, USA. I really want to brawl you, but I think we have to figure this out first...Peace!
    I'm fine. How are you?
    Some of the stages (including the ones with the YTP preview images) were made by my friend from Youtube, Ryuji92. The stages with Skymin preview images are obviously made by me, though. :p

    I liked the snapshot, by the way. :3
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