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  • Yeah, good luck getting from Finland to the UK and finding my location that quickly.

    I see...

    What else?
    Funny guy, ever considered doing stand-up, FARTO?

    Yeah. I bet you've also been killing Fire Emblem too, right?
    not in a while, I've been busy. My dad is jealous of another neighbor's garden, so he wants a better garden, and I have to help make the stupid thing.
    I have yet to play House of the Dead: Overkill, so there's still that, so don't count your Torchics before they hatch.

    Don't you find that awkward, though? It's easier with a joypad.
    Obviously! Aiming with the Wii remote is awkward, becuase you have to do that and move at the same time, which is why i sucked so bad at House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return!

    No it's not, it's annoying having to aim with your own hand.
    Xbox Live Arcade -_-; As in, i can download it onto my 360 through the marketplace.

    Dudette, i own at Halo 3. Your argument is invalid. And don't say you're not a Nintendo fanbrat, because you are.
    Yeah well, it's gonna be on XLA, so i WILL know.

    HELL NOA! You're only saying that becaus you're a Nintendo fantard.
    There's a PREQUEL, dumbarse!

    I haven't played this one, but Zero has online play, AND it's on Xbox 360!
    Your mom.

    No, but i have the prequel, Perfect Dark Zero, on the 360, plus Perfect Dark is coming to XLA pretty soon. Why?
    Bite me.

    This friday my mom's gonna buy me a double pack which is £20 for 2 PSP games. It contains Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops and Silent Hill Origins, both of which are on my list.

    What about you?
    You say that, yet i am older than you.

    I assume you're gonna get the game?

    The one that isn't on your hands. Oh wait, you don't have one, i forgot.
    Yes, yes. Since when are you a Metroid fan?

    Yes, infact i remember telling you about it, and as usual you shunned it off instantly.

    You are very typical, you know that?
    Dude if you have not played a Castlevania game then you do not know what annoying enemies and hard bosses are.

    Any games you're particularly looking forward to?

    I owned that boss, i just kept spamming the Hellfire spell until i killed the minotaur and then i just sliced at the werewolf until it died.

    Anyway, those 2 bosses were NOWHERE NEAR as frustrating as the Doppleganger. Man, that boss was literally FROM HELL! See for yourself - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XSz6NemkKd0

    Well i've been playing on Castlevania: Symphony of the Night most of the morning. It looks like Castlevania is becoming for me what Fire Emblem has become for you lol.

    And what have YOU done today?
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