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Recent content by emerald69

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    Thank you very much!!! =)
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    Hello, I just got Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky and I was wondering if the Pokemon could evolve??? If so please shoot me an e-mail, I'm never on a computer anymore, since my crashed back at my house. >_< I'm using my school's computer right now. =P Anyway, shoot an e-mail (PLEASE...
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    I know, I've barely even gotten on this website. =P

    I know, I've barely even gotten on this website. =P
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    Trade or battle?

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for someone who has a Manaphy in their party that I can battle. I have an idea, but I need a Manaphy from the GTS for it. So does anyone wanna help me out? If so please shoot me an e-mail. =) altair.reden@gmail.com or joshvandonselaar@hotmail.com =) Thanks...
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    Pokemon Opal?

    i actually hope that it is pokemon Amethsyt with, ;491; on the cover. ;444;;107; back massages from hitmonchan!
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    [link removed]

    hey guys and gals i have a forum website that i kinda need help with the url is well in the title i guess.;;292;;107; punching bag!