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  • I'm doing a Grass-Mono playthrough in my Black 2, and I'm playing some RPGs on my DS and those old ones of SNES, specially Romance of Three Kingdoms and Uncharted Waters; New Horizons. I'm in LOVE with Koei games, lately.
    So yeah... I can wait. And besides, the third version will be a lot better x)
    We're on the same boat! Welcome to S.S I don't have a 3DS!
    I'm excited about it, but considering how I was before the release and how I am after its release, I guess I'm... Not that much. And besides, Pokemon White 2 is still something and I have a lot of other games too play. I can wait a little longer.
    Perfectly fine! And dreaming about X and Y, too... I won't get it ANY soon. What about you? Did ya already get one?
    I think it'll be Black 2. Not sure ATM. I don't want to catch Pokémon. The challenge is to go around with a full team from the get go.

    Do you ever catch a full team? Or just 4 Pokémon?
    True. Thanks. I'm not starting that until later. Might go through Black or Black 2, but with a team from the Dream World (or 6 Pokémon with their DW Abilities). So I'll need to pick 6 Pokémon that I want, and request breeding.
    Yeah, those sorts of Pokémon. I'm doing Heracross because it doesn't need to evolve, and even without it, Heracross can devastate. Megahorn + Close Combat + Swords Dance + coverage move? Sounds decent, for a runthrough.
    Yep. Night Slash was not cutting it. But that was W2. I'm currently playing Platinum, and I'll start my HG Solo Run which I've been planning. And I'm not looking for shards on this. Since I'll probably restart afterwards.
    I don't usually. I do when I play games that I'll stick with (Pearl, White, White 2)- but like my Platinum runthrough, I'll just use what I need. It depends on my mood as well. Usually I cannot be bothered, but when I played W2 I spent hours looking for Blue Shards so Zoroark could learn Dark Pulse early.
    Hello. I like your Platinum and HG posts. I've been reading them lately, especially since starting my Platinum Runthrough/Playthrough. How'd you get all the Tutor Moves? It must take ages looking for Shards and things.
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