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  • EG, answer me one thing. What would you do on this situation.

    So, a opponent of mine, on UPN, has gone. Before he had gone, I had gone, but I had left for just a small time. Anyway, I left, and he didn't DQed me. When I got back here, he were here. I asked for him to DQ me or we could continue the battle. He decided... Nothing. Now, he's gone, and I really need that slot free. Would you DQ him and then ask for sorry later? Because he had never gone for so much time and I'm afraid he'll do the same as Handy, AWOL. Should I or I shouldn't? If he had done with me, I wouldn't care, but I don't want anyone to hold a grudge against me because of it.
    I had to make a new one due to the fact it was off of my hotmail, it should work okay now and if it doesn't for some reason... My name won't be secret. Dx
    Yeah but I've got a feeling I'll need to make a new one due to the fact that I do not know how to change the screename/username.
    Thought u might want to know it is back
    Well that was my first complete match....is there anywhere I need to post?

    Or do refs just post in the battle archive and thats that.
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