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Last Activity:
Jun 25, 2019
Dec 5, 2010
Likes Received:
Mar 3, 1996 (Age: 24)
Home Page:
Florida \o/
Trying to be the best like no one ever was!

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Joltik Queen <3, Female, 24, from Florida \o/

EmiiLava was last seen:
Jun 25, 2019
    1. Iron Tyrant
      Iron Tyrant
      I have gone to college, which does not have DS wi-fi. It will be two weeks before I will be able to trade again. Sorry
    2. kaiser soze
      kaiser soze
      Did you want a specific HP for the Feebas?
    3. Iron Tyrant
      Iron Tyrant
      Regina is ready to go! Female, Careful, Overcoat, IVs 31/31/31/x/31/31, and caught in a dusk ball for added asthetics. Just a quick question: If you can clone, as I don't want to take anything invaluable, what are the natures/Ivs of your various arceus? Also, is your shiny ferrothorn that has spikes, leech seed, and stealth rock a male?
    4. pokemonjeff
      How are we not friends? we'v traded like 20 times XD
    5. Darkmightyena
      im sorry lavaburst. i didnt get to get on my computer for a long time so i couldnt talk. and my brother left for florida and took the DS so i cant trade for 5 months... im really sorry.
    6. Iron Tyrant
      Iron Tyrant
      Just FYI, I have yet to find a suitable seed. This may take time.
    7. manaphy72
      hey how are you
    8. xxh0wlw0lfxx
      I can't trade now.. sorry it's gonna disrupt my distro im helding..
    9. Swampert is my Homeboy
    10. Swampert is my Homeboy
      Swampert is my Homeboy
      Aww you don't have to give me shinies :P
    11. Swampert is my Homeboy
      Swampert is my Homeboy
      Ok. Congratulations. (:
    12. Swampert is my Homeboy
      Swampert is my Homeboy
      Lol, thats the right number :D
      Good guess :P
      When do you want your shiny Tympole?
    13. Swampert is my Homeboy
      Swampert is my Homeboy
      You can just say it through vm if you want.
    14. Biosci
      I was wondering why it looked a little weird. Thank you!! (:D)-l-<
    15. b3astown
      is the deoxys cloned yet?
    16. CNmaster21
      Hey, does anyone know how to change the small rectangular picture above your user title
    17. dar
      also can you vm me back please
    18. dar
      can we trade please lavaburst14 its been awhile
    19. Shreyas
      how about tomorrow between 6 and 9 PM PST.
    20. swordpikachu
      Never mind....
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  • About

    Mar 3, 1996 (Age: 24)
    Home Page:
    Florida \o/
    Trying to be the best like no one ever was!
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Nintendo 3DS Friend Code:
    Introduction and my Names/Nicknames:

    Hi, this is my profile bio~* My username is Emiilava and previously Glenda Garchomp(hated this one)/Lavaburst14, but you probably already know that lol x3 My name is Emily IRL, but you can call me Emii(most liked Nickname), Lava(by guild members, friends etc), The Joltik Queen, etc.


    I have my Mom and Dad, and i'm not very close to the rest of my family on my Dad/Mom's sides. I <3 my cousins tho. The adults are meh! x3

    Personality and things describing me:

    I'm told by people i'm kind, caring, funny, and a tad weird with my quirks. I can get depressed sometimes due to my depression and my unkind past, but I try to move past everything and smile. I also have Apspergers, ADHD, Migranes, Depression, Osteopenia, Scoliosis(hope I spelled it right x3), etc. It makes my social skills, math, physical activity, etc. not as easy, but I get by just fine! Nobody is perfect afterall! xD

    Interests, talents, and occupations:

    My interests are pokemon(obviously x3) for going on nearly 11 years in gaming and since the 3rd grade for cards and and the anime. I love competitive VGC doubles! I ranked 99 back in June 2012 for the first Philly VGC in the top 100 out of over 700+ in my division and more top cut placements recently. I also do singles, but not as well x3 I shiny hunt WITHOUT including freebees, chains, RNGs etc at a grand total of 200+ shinies. :) I also IV breed, EV train, in and out of RNG, Nuzlocke, Dream world, random match up battle, trade, and SU. I also am an artist so you can view my art on twitter @Emiilavaburst14 I also take requests, art trades, etc. I'm up for just about anything :) I <3 fishing! I've caught tons of fish in different places I travel to on vacation. I travel to foreign countries and inside the USA as well every year. I also have a beach house in Ortley,NJ which was demoloished by superstorm Sandy, but we came back stronger than the storm! Our house is rebuilt! My other house is in Florida and I'm living the dream. I graduated High School.


    I'm a 22 year old girl with not too dark brown curly hair, not too dark brown eyes, in between pale white and tan skin, glasses(for my 20/450(nearly) vision), skinnier figure now(lost 50 pounds total), long skinny legs, bigger feet, skinny fingers and fingertips, strong upper body, weak bones and legs/hips, long dark naturally fuller eyelashes, and sometimes wearing a walking steel cast, foot brace, etc. for my osteopenia and hair line fractures. I like to wear comfy T-shirts and jean shorts with elastic in the summer with sandals(cannot wear flip-flops due to osteopenia). When i'm at the beach I wear a bathing-suit with a t-shirt I wear all the time due to my sun poisoning I always get.. >.<" In the winter and fall I wear long jeans or jean jegans, more elegant tops, or a t-shirt due to my meds making me overheat.. I also wear a water proof watch due to my flake-outy-ness lol x3

    My favorite Pokemon is Joltik <3

    My Amazing Pokemon Collection Spreadsheet:


    SHINY Pokemon, SHINY Pokemon, Doubles VGC style battling, Pokemon, Fishing, Traveling,



    ~Joltik Queen~
    {~Most recent shiny : Shiny Palkia SR UM}
    {~3DS FC : 5129-7097-8690 IGN John(UM version)~}

    Join TEF in the Guild section! Click here!