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  • Aaaand~ Topaz is done! <3 She's ready when you want her. Could I have the Shaymin, please?

    Hmm. I don't know if I'd be able to? (I don't think my parents would like it. >>; ) And my DS' voice chat is really whacky and bad quality--I have the big, old, clunky silver DS. xD;; But I'd be happy to help you. I have a gmail, if you do too for the chat feature? Or just email back and forth, if that's something you'd be comfortable with?
    Good luck! =D You'll want to get the RNG Reporter program for your computer. And when you get to the Lake of Rage, don't catch the Gyarados right away--what you'll want to do is save right before battling it. After that, you can Master Ball it (you won't be saving afterwards) and calculate its IVs--bring Rare Candies to level it up if you have to--and then reset your game. You can keep doing this until you have enough sets to calculate your SID using the Reporter. I'm pretty sure the shiny Gyarados is generated by the same antilogarithm that makes the chained shiny Pokemon in D/P/Pt, so around 4 resets should do the trick. You can plug these into the RNG Reporter using the "Chain to SID" function, then figure your SID.

    And sure! =D I'd be happy to do that~
    First, you need to have a shiny Pokemon that you've caught yourself--one that you encountered randomly, or a few shiny Pokemon that you chained using the Pokeradar (can only be done in Pearl, Diamond, or Platinum.) In HeartGold/SoulSilver, if you haven't captured the Red Gyarados yet, you can use that as well (but don't save after you catch it).

    From this, you need to determine the Pokemon's IVs (individual values). Using this and your trainer ID number, you can figure out your SID (or Secret ID) which you will need in order to RNG shinies. If the shiny Pokemon you caught has battled any other Pokemon, you need to keep track of its EVs (Effort Values), when you calculate the IVs.

    But once you have your ID and your SID, you can start RNGing. The process is a little different in D/P/Pt and HG/SS, but there are some basics that are very similar.

    Please feel free to email me about it too(I've got it listed under my Contact Info).
    I use a process called RNG (Random Number Generation). In simple terms, it's a technique that can be used using the game mechanics to figure out (in this case) which Eggs are shiny, and which aren't. So I can target specific Eggs and aim to hatch those.
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