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Feb 15, 2011
Apr 12, 2010
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Jul 9, 1990 (Age: 29)
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Feb 15, 2011
    1. swirlykiwi
      hey if you have a mudkip i'd like to trade it for my espeon?
    2. lgdry
      I have a lvl.50 capable of taking hits jap. shiny Darkrai, I would like an eng. shiny Darkrai preferred at around lvl. 50 or under..? will you trade me? how long did it take you to get yours?
    3. Jamthemaster
      K I can trade the iv bred eevee if you're ready, pm me :)
    4. darkangelxys
      I have a few well bred male eevees, could I get the female Bulbasaur in exchange for one?
    5. Jamthemaster
      Yea I think I accidentally deleted that pm :P Could you resend the list of shinies? Thanks.
    6. fangirl21
      congratulations to you then! how long did that take? and what were you thinking of asking for?? just out of curiosity cos if I have it you can have it :)
    7. Pucca_ness
      Congrats on your shiny Giratina, that took some patience especially with the excruciating cut scene. I would never have done it. You should be very proud =]
      Not many people can say they have a legit lv1 shiny Giratina ;)
    8. fangirl21
      oh cool! well whenever is good I'm around most evenings GMT and some daytimes too so we're sure to catch each other :) what are you wanting in return? and does this mean you have it shiny!?!
    9. Jamthemaster
      Just want you to know, the Eevee is done, I managed to get it IVs in everything but attack. I won't be able to trade for about a week but I wanted to update you.
    10. fangirl21
      Hey thanks for the friend add! great idea :)
    11. shinymamoswine
    12. shinymamoswine
      oh, ok il be waitning.
    13. shinymamoswine
      and i also have most shinies your requesting in your sig.
    14. shinymamoswine
      can you please post the natures of all of those shinies your offering, cause i have all 3 shiny.
    15. ohskowboy7
      Still need latias?
    16. thaldore
      I have non-shiny latias non-shiny registeel and a TON OF pokemon on the link in your sig since i have- every pokemon game b'sides hg/ss/plat.
    17. Dragonite19
      Thanks for joining the Kingdom Hearts Video Game Group! :D
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    Jul 9, 1990 (Age: 29)
    Home Page:
    Favourite Pokémon:



    a webcomic

    Need a starter Pokemon? I have some with good moves; PM me for them. I'm trying to clear out my PC, so I'll take anything.​​

    SS Friend Code: Emiko | 1076 3048 2928
    The forums are really slow for me, so if I don't reply right away please just be patient. Thank you!

    - Heatran [shiny]
    - Regice [shiny]
    - Regirock [shiny]
    - Registeel [shiny]
    - well bred Eevee/Espeon PM for details

    I have: legendaries, shinies, shiny legendaries not listed above, starter pokemon, pokerus, master balls, evolution stones, etc.

    Need something for your dex or just because you want it? Let me know and if I can help I will. :D