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  • That's good.

    I'm good to thanks. Things finally settled down. Got busted for pot on Monday so had all that going on

    So you haven't got any DS games yet?

    Another thing, I forgot to tell you, when you click on Edit for a post. There is a Delete Button on the Bottom Right. Click on that so you don't get in any trouble.
    Sorry for my late reply, but you can't Double Post that against the Rules. If you have to say something again before someone else has posted, there is an Edit Button on the Bottom Right of your posts.

    Also, I saw that you're making a Sun-Stall Team! Very Nice I must say! It will be easier for me to help you because I like to stall my opponents in competitive battle! It's my favorite style of battling to use. ^_^ Also, it's ok if you're good or bad. You will progress as I teach you.

    And please get acquainted with the rules here too. This is a Link: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?397567-Serebii-Forums-Rules

    Be sure to read through that very carefully. ^_^
    Hi! Welcome to Serebii Forums! I'm Ducklett12 ^_^ I'm a Competitive Battling Mentor and I've successfully helped 2 of my students.

    They are now excused from my Classes.

    If you're looking for a Mentor then I would be more then happy to teach you. ^_^
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