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  • Tonight will be the night that I will fall for you, over agaiin dont make me change my mind...i won't live to see another day, i sware its true... a girl like you is impossible to find...impossible to find....

    hey hottie ;) anyways we are remaking the thread due to major changes and to find out whos still with us etc. I'm gonna copy your tournament post and hold it till you become more active :)
    So, as was predicted, both clans went down. :/ so sad. just wanted to say hello. :) hope you aren't having too many boyfriend troubles.
    I decided to come vent since my so called boyfriend is just pissing me off to the point of tears.
    Why do guys think its ok to do whatever they want,without thinking about how it will affect others.? Why are they the most selfish, self-centered, arrogant, annoying, mean, rude, inconsiderate people on this planet.

    I mean,girls are bad too,don't get me wrong. BUT THE Y CHROMOSOME SERIOUSLY NEEDS SOME IMPROVEMENT.

    edit: I know not all guys are awful -.- I think this generalization comes from the fact that I,like most girls,go for complete ***holes.wahh.
    I saw you thread, I'm really sorry to hear that! ;-; I hope you recover from that! ;-; Really sorry.
    hey em. just wanted to say hi. i quit clans for now, left botn. hope you're still having fun battling snowflake! jk :p bye! hope maybe we can be clan mates again.
    You should just tell him right off that you won't let him control you. Every couple goes through arguments but in this case, your bf is clearly not going to work with you well. Don't let him rule you now, because it will just make things even worse in the future.
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