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Last Activity:
Aug 26, 2012
Nov 27, 2011
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EmmaLucario was last seen:
Aug 26, 2012
    1. 4de_92
      hi! how are you? what is your favorite hobby?
    2. 4de_92
      hi, thank for the friendship request. how are you?
    3. Twidragon
      Talking to people on MSN, chores, being awesomely cute <3

      Same olde' same old :x
    4. Twidragon
      Tip: when talking to another person. Respond on their profile. I don't get notified if you write on your own wall.....
      Also, with the Friend request, talk to me a bit before sending out a random request.
      So, umm whats up?
    5. EmmaLucario
      ok thank you and ill just have lucario then :) with like a blue swirl effect :)
    6. Twidragon
      Could you do a few things for me with your request. Add more information to it, and maybe lower the amount of pokemon to use. Having a lot of focus isn't a good thing to do.
      Also, I posted a while ago that shop was closed. I don't know why the title didn't edit until a few moments ago, but I'm not open to requests atm. Still, you probley didn't see that, so I'll do your request XD
    7. Kierzor
      You keep restarting us on CT60 >.<
    8. dracoburn
      You don't need any special permissions to join the group, just make sure you scan our rules if you opt to challenge our league :)
    9. EmmaLucario
      ok thanks :)
      Freind code 3ds : 0216-0955-2158 :)
    10. Blue Snover
      Blue Snover
      I don't think there's a place here for trading cards.

      The only place is the trade thread, but that's for actual Pokemon.
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    Favourite Pokémon:
    PokemonTCG , PokemonVG , TV , skiing


    My shinys :

    ;387; This is Turtwig, he was the most under appreciated starter in Diamond & Pearl. If you picked Turtwig as your starter, put this in your sig. Started by Dax-360