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  • Happy holidays, and no, there's no mawile to steal christmas this time around, I got it chained up for the remainder of the month. So don't worry about that particular party crasher, however I still have the fireworks.
    It's okay. It's not like you'll be fined if you don't answer my posts. :)

    I passed my exams btw and I'm prepping for university atm.
    Dear person receiving this letter:

    Whatever you did to contribute to my experience these past five years, whether it was the Pokemon we traded, the amazing artwork you did for me, the jokes we came up with, the silly debates, or anything else, I want to say thank you for giving me the chance to be what I am today! To celebrate my five years of existence on SPPf, today I decided to do a throwback thing to my early days back in 2011. My avatar, signature, and everything else is a complete replica of what I was five years ago: An eater of Durant! You and about everyone gave me a truly unique experience I'll never forget and I'll return the favor by continuing on what I do best: To be a member of SPPf! Thank you for everything and may we all hope that poutine gets its popularity skyrocketed in the United States!

    Sincerely, Duranteater/your boss/YourPermanentRecord631/Dragalge

    Personally Fire is my least favourite Type haha
    Fighting too

    I almost always have a Psychic or Flying Type too I noticed.
    What kind of games would you play if you did? Microsoft really needs more popular exclusives other than Halo.
    Oh yeah I love Grass Types
    Bug>Grass>Poison>Water>Ghost are my favourites c:
    I literally always have a Grass Type on my Team. Almost always a Water Type too. Fire is a lot rarer though.
    Gaming can be a serious addiction, no joke. D:

    I mostly stick with Nintendo games, but been kinda glued on GTA Online lately. Also doing a White 2 Nuzlocke after failing my Platinum Nuzlocke somehow. e.e
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