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  • Anything is a healthier alternative. :p

    Yeah. I guess a good way of remembering the name is to think "Litleo". The two sound similar. This calls for a PokeRap! .__.

    I usually weigh all evos out. Final evo being such the case with Fennekin for me. I went straight for Chespin once they revealed Delphox. *shudders*
    You dehydrate yourself because the salt to H2O ratio is so great. You can live a while off salt water, but not for long.

    Popplio. :D
    Would you choose different if it evolved into something not so appealing? :eek:
    Hahaha, school sucks sometimes ;p

    Oh yeah. Like, I liked the Pokémon XY introduced a lot (the Starters are the best and Phantump and Klefki are adorbs) but 72 was a bit of a small number.
    130 or so would be nice.

    Personally hoping for a corgi pokemon :3
    Love the beach. It's always so fascinating. :D

    Whoa, never been to the Big Apple. :eek:
    Hope you have a great time, though! :)

    Sweet in the moment, but a bitter reminder later on. D:
    [Thanks for the advice. I'm also gonna relax for like ten seconds each time I finish an assignment. I've found that to be helpful. :)

    Hmm, I don't think I'll be allowed to bring a book... They're pretty strict about things like that where I live. But, if I finish early, I'm gonna take some time to relax and sit back in my chair.]
    What do you like of Emolga?:3
    [Do you have any advice? It's kind of the first time that I take 3-hour exams. I'm stressing out here... :x]
    Cool, mine is Sylveon and Delphox:)
    It's fine. It's not like there was valuable information in it or something... :)

    [Haha. I'm looking forward to the summer. I've got my exams in four days. :x]
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