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  • Yeah, it's okay. I would have entered the Arcane Realm, but I don't want to overwork Tess, I've got too many adventures to keep up with already and there are newer members on the way.
    Either way is fine. I do have an idea for the Eevees, but I also think getting Elgyem as close to space as possible is adorable. Updates won't be posted until after Christmas sometime, so as long as you let me know generally what you would like to do by Dec. 26th, I should be able to work with it. :D
    Hi Emp, I'm working on finishing my updates this weekend, and I just wanted to check and see if you wanted me to continue where you left off, or start a new adventure. Either choice is fine with me. :D
    I have noticed this, just not got round to doing the discipline yet. Busy, stressful day. Thanks for reminding me!
    Whatever you want to do is fine; I can continue your previous adventure, or we can start fresh. If you do decide to start a new adventure, I'll adapt to your preferred location. I can tell you already that I haven't had anyone adventure yet in The Funhouse, Helter Skelter, Sideshow Alley, The Circus Tent, The Big Wheel, The Contest Halls, The Kiddie Arena, The Restaurant, The Boutique, The Storeroom or The Upper Floors. Any of those locations might be interesting, since they would be new territory for me, but it's entirely up to you. :D
    Hi Emp, I just wanted to let you know that you have been switched to my group in Phantom Isle. I will continue from where extroph left off unless you request otherwise. My next set of updates should hopefully be finished in a week or so.
    Ohhh...I probably should have checked with you first, huh? ^^; In that case, I'll make a few changes to my reply, assuming my Aron can still battle?
    It's a learning experience for everyone! x)

    It's alright, take your time. I'll get to writing my own set of updates in the meantime.
    The way I was envisioning it, I was imagining she was somewhere somewhat visible, watching over like a sadistic roman emperor would over his gladiators. xP If you think it would still work, I'm sticking with my guns then. I've been itching to try that move for a looong time and I wonder if she would ever see coming a move only Manaphy is supposed to learn. Otherwise, I'm willing to save that thought for later and simply command my Kingdra to keep fighting normally through the power of guts and friendship. >:eek:
    Oh, thought you meant literally put a saddle on it. xp Am I actually near enough to speak to the Blitzle? If not I'll try to Leer it and then tell Olli to try to be friendly to it when he approaches it to show that we mean no more harm. Then again I already made it into a Blitzle BBQ. x.x
    Yeah, sorry about that. Meant that as a way to tame it if it complies. And was actually avoiding putting a saddle on it since your description of its body left a very vivid image in my mind. x.x
    Hey, Emp? Is my Cyndaquil recovered enough to battle again? And would it be possible to recall him and send him out again over the course of my reply?
    Ah I understand I wish you had though, I like your writing style, probably would have had like 10 updates with me before you had to head to Uni
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