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Emperor Empoleon

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  • Haha, yeah. I'm surprised it took out that Braviary even after Iron Fist and super effective damage. That thing had close to 40% left.
    Just thought it'd be a fun novelty poke. However I think it's a joke that its attack is base 35 yet it has Iron Fist as its hidden ability, not to mention the plethora of physical attacks it has in its movepool.

    Sometimes I don't know what Game Freak is smoking, it's a shame considering it's one of my favorite gen II Pokémon. I highly doubt it will get a mega though.
    A gift from me, my friend:

    ^^ Thanks for the smooth Trade and the event pokemon. Enjoy the Cyndaquil. I can do more breeding requests too when the time comes when you need one.
    i dont exactly have a singing pikachu nor do i have a lightball, is there anything else i can offer
    Sorry for the late reply but yeah that would be amazing and great if you could!

    Well here's how i would have things:

    Team - Buizel, Excadrill, Charizard, Sceptile, Wingull and Haunter.
    Trainer - Red (is it possible to have a Pokemon next to the trainer aswell? I'd have Buizel if you didn't mind.)
    Colour - Dark Blue

    Hopefully that's everything, if not let me know:)

    I guess so. I haven't really been keeping up with the updates and all do I don't really know much about it.
    Haha I could neer leave Pokemon no matter what.

    I'm not really looking forward to b/w2 actually. Well so far not really.
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