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  • 52 posts, so Aron lv. 26, Solrock lv. 21

    I have enough posts to rank up but all 4 of the people I told about the club didn't join :(
    this is the 65 post here, so Numel would be Lv. 32. (one more level until Camerupt, yay!), and I got Baltoy when Numel was lv. 10, so that means Baltoy is 10 levles lower, but I got Baltoy at Lv. 5, so it is 5 lv. lower. so Baltoy is lv. 27.
    Houndoor was lv. 20 when I got it, and I have no idea what level it is.
    Same with Lv. 15 Zubat.
    We'll start counting Houndoor and Zubat after this Post.
    - Numel lv. 32
    - Baltoy lv. 27
    - Houndoor lv. 20
    - Zubat lv. 15

    I posted his one on the thread as well
    Oh! I wanna post in there again soon, its just...I don't know what to talk about =_=;

    I haven't played Ruby and Sapphire from the begining in like forever and still can't restart over my cartrage...


    I might still post some team magma stuff from the r/s/e rp i'm doing with some friends currently though but i duno.

    Not sure I will be able to keep up...

    Yeah, maybe I should just drop out until I have more to talk about for it. :/

    Thanks for asking!^^
    Okay that's good so its from a gen 3 egg like from emerald I am guessing or is it from the tower in ecrutic as a wild shiny gastly?
    Okay well that's why you didn't know it is a hack because no pokemon can be caught in the giant chasm at lv70 and kyurem can be caught at lv75 and that's the closest it could be
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