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  • Hi. I added your fc. Can u add mine: Cutty 2449 6004 1037
    My FS is fire type. Thx.
    Tried to pm you but I guess you've been flooded due to ditto.
    Hope you have a slot free for me :)
    I have ice: snorunt, piloswine, bergmite

    FC: 3711-8213-9547
    IGN: Clio
    Heya, your PM's are full! I just added you, though - have Dunsparce, Kecleon, and Chansey. Hope you add me back!
    Friend Code: 1993-8124-0150
    Hello there =)
    I will add you to my Friend list, my Safari is Ice and has Snorunt among others ;-) Please add me back if you want.
    Hi there I saw your post about having ditto in your safari. I don't know what I have nor do I think it wil be anything worth offering.

    I hope your list isn't full! Look forward to hearing from you!
    Oh, & I do forgive you for claiming that I need therapy, as sometimes I feel like I need to move into a psychologist's office so that I could have my brain psycho-analyzed.
    That makes a lot of sense. I'm always happy when Grass types get a nice little prize, them being my favorite type. On the note of the removal of an SR TM, though, it does give the impression that the designers of the games are actually paying attention to the competitive metagame and trying to equalize/balnce it out with this generation. (Hah, thanks for checking. Conspicuous little blob's a toughie, huh?)

    Do you search out beneficial natures when you train a Pokemon? I'd like to train a Swanna soon (so far, my starter's been Oshawott, so I don't have room for another Water type), but I'm not sure what stats to favor. And Ducklett's cute. It almost has the same vacant expression as Psyduck, doesn't it?

    Darn character limit. I'll fashion a reply PM sooner rather than later. =P
    Well, it must be something. A move like Quiver Dance is just that exceptional. Competitive players go wild over Volcarona, despite its 4x Stealth Rock weakness, which has been a death sentence to Pokemon since SR was invented.

    Speaking of, Swanna is one of my reasons for liking Marvelous bridge. It's just such an elegant and nice-looking Pokemon, it's fun to encounter them in the wild.

    Ahahaha, handrails from handicapped toilets~ X3; Miss Myuu, that's brilliant! You know, the similarity to the Archway did not go unnoticed here, either. That's the foremost example of a real bridge with the same architecture as Marvelous's, but I thought the Unova region was based on just New York, rather than the whole of the US?
    I haven't experienced a Quiver Dance Pokemon yet, but it seems like they'd still be totally vulnerable on the physical side. But then there's all the hype it's getting, so... But anyway, you too, huh? Has Ditto always been that tough to catch? I'm pretty sure it was fairly simple in the Kanto games. I wasted an entire stock of Ultra Balls on one in the Chasm.

    Yeah, it's good no matter which game you're playing, lol. Simple humor, never wasted. And lol, a restroom? It might not be too hard to believe some of the actual bridges in New York City are used as restrooms, but what makes it remind you of a restroom, exactly? XP
    Volcarona's really that good, huh? There have been war stories floating around about catching it, but I haven't tried yet. But hey, aren't critical captures great? XD

    Oh! In one of the english patched roms of the game, the sign out in front of Marvelous Bridge (which was called Wonderful Bridge in the translation) said: "Wonderful Bridge! Wonderfully wonderful! Bridgely bridge!" That sign cracked me up so hard when I heard about it. X)
    Aha, so have you caught Landorus yet, then? That's a decent idea, in fact - maybe I'll give it a go (I'm also playing White). Oh, have you watched the scenery from the Royal Unova? It's really beautiful; the graphic designers were really strutting their stuff with these games.

    Note: I enjoy the yappy grannies. Reminds me of the old women dotting my own family tree. =P
    It's no surprise that a friend of Darato's would turn out to be as helpful and goodwilled as Darato, hah. ^_^

    I've been enjoying Unova! It's such a deep and engrossing game. How's your B/W journey going?
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