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  • Gosh, I remember chatting with you ages ago, EmpressMyuu. And by the looks of our VMs, most of it was approximately three ages ago. =P

    Always nice to hear of a young adult with a not-entirely-horrible impression of children, anyway.
    Happy Holidays to (Insert your name here) hope that you have a fantastic one and great luck though out the New Year.

    Know that I’m always here for you all when and need be.

    PS: In the movie Hook Tinkerbell took Peter to Neverland when he was just a baby. So how did he age to be a boy if you are not supposed to age there?

    It's okay I understand, you don't love us anymore. I've been same old same old. Brother and his ex wife moved into the new house together waiting for the new baby, lasted less than a month.

    How about things with you

    Thanks. They'd have more fun if you got to take them with your sweet personality. Well I hope you have fun with your Christmas party. I'm sure whatever you chose to make will be absolutely delightful. I think I recall you telling me that about your dad taking you out driving to look at the lights, but it might have been someone else who also does it XD

    Well hopefully you'll get some time to rest soon. Not 100% sure what is going on with Christmas yet. There are a few plans going on, but you never know what will happen on the end. I'm going to try and go down to Price and Manti with the Utah Jazz bear to help out with a few charity things were we take little kids who don't have a lot Christmas shopping.

    How about you and your Christmas plans?

    Nintendo World was tight. I thought one of the coolest parts was seeing the game system museum with this Game Boy that survived an attack on the barracks it was left in during the first Gulf War. And I have a Weavile toy from there too.

    Cool! I hope you have fun with it. I think I might just wait until I can get them here in the US. Crazy I know, but even though I played Sapphire in Japanese once and made it all the way through I like being able to read everything lol.
    I know what you mean. I should be going to New York within the next six months and I want to have the look around and have fun. I want to see The Stature of Liberty, Nintendo World, and many other places.

    I got it today the light blue colored one. I haven’t had that much time to check it out, but from what I did see I like it so far. Now I’m going to order HG or SS from Japan :D

    Well on as long as you are there you need to see Graceland. I mean you don’t go to New York with how seeing Statue of Liberty. Elvis was a legend, just like Johnny Cash.

    I should have the money for it by Wednesday, and can’t wait to try out everything it does.

    I’m glad you still like it :D

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