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  • It's been nearly two months since I had an eye update, and since you and the others would like to be kept updated with my status, I have some updates so far.

    It's been a little more than two months since I posted an eye update, so here goes.

    My right eye will never be the same as usual ever again, though there is some recovery to it. I'm finally able to drive again (despite not owning a car). All there is left, really, is that future surgery taking place in December.

    Next surgery is possibly confirmed on December 30, one day before New Year's Eve. If that's the case, looks like I'll be celebrating at home once again.

    Well, here's the catch after that surgery. There is a chance that I may succumb to a cataract, which may result in a third surgery, and that's not saying much. The chances of that happening are uncertain, so I don't have an answer to that. Either this next surgery is the midpoint to my recovery, or is the end of all eye surgeries - for good. I won't be finding out until when that day comes.

    If anyone wants, I suppose I can take a picture of myself with the red eye...and maybe the eyepatch, too.
    Copied that straight from my Myspace bulletin. Also, just got back from my eye doctor. I just hope there won't be a third...
    Sorry to hear about Dustin leaving. Hopefully Cassie want keep on the wrong path anymore. But if she is it might be best that he doesn’t live at home. That way your parents won’t have to see him doing anything bad. I don’t know if he’s worse than the time he was into Wicca and buried bibles. Because that in and of its self was hard for you to deal with. So it might be for the best that he’s a little away from home right now. This way he can see for himself what’s really going on with her without family breathing down his neck.

    We all might need to get second jobs soon if Mccain wins and even if Obama wins things want be solved right away. That’s why I’m holding on a little while longer before collage. Just to see how the economy is doing and see how I should spend my money.

    And the saddest part about this all is Utah biggest worry is if we get rid of charging people $5 to go into a bar all the children will start drinking.

    By the way you need to change your sig. You traded me your shiny Pachirisu for my shiny Eevee.

    Whoa, I didn't know you live in Louisiana...I'm quite surprised by that. No wonder it took a while for you to get online. Anyway, my sentiments to those that have lost their lives from Gustav. Well, it's great that you managed to survive hell on Earth...though I have a feeling that 30 years from now (or maybe less), my area will be the next Katrina (though this time, it's a big earthquake). I reside near Oakland in California, and the last big earthquake to hit our area was the 6.9 Loma Prieta earthquake back in 1989, but siince I was 2 at that time, I can't really remember a single thing. Oh, and in case you're wondering what city I live, it's in Hayward (California, mind you).

    So yeah, I know about the surgery. My right eye is still somewhat blurry...though the vision before the surgery was better. We'll hear from what my eye doctor has to say two days from now. Though I can keep the surgery thoughts aside, I have to deal with college classes (taking 5 classes ftl >_<). When that fall semester ends, my hour will finally approach...well, not just the surgery, but my birthday too, which is on the 20th of December.

    Well, hope all goes well for you. We all have to endure until momentum shifts in our favor. Oh, and thanks. =)
    Happy belated birthday! Guess I really missed out big time...forgive me. :(

    Oh, and speaking of my eye...I won't be obtaining any further news until after the 10th of this month, but what's confirmed is that my next surgery (a cataract surgery) will take place in late December to early January. The date is yet to be determined...at this time.

    Sarcastically, I can't wait to vomit for a second day. Oh well.
    I think it has to do with that you two live together. I mean your friends come over to visit and he gets along with them, same for your cousins. But you two are in the same house most of the time. And you both tend to like to do things your away so it often puts you at odd ends. Wear as when people come to visit you guys or you go to visit; they understand they that are a guest in the house. Sao they go with whatever the host likes to do. So they don’t have a reason to fight.

    When Frank lives here we fight 24/7 but when he doesn’t we get along just fine. The other day I was at a friend’s house and him and his brother who I’m also friends tired to kill each other so I had to put them in a time out. But when they are both here they get along just fine.

    Tonight just is just as good as any.

    You’d love her to death. The way she always runs past everyone to get to me. From how she jumps off things face first and laughs about it.

    I know what you mean about wrong paths; just look at Frank. Who’s serving ten days in jail for a DUI.

    I’m helping the anima mods with something. And I find it best to work from about 12:30 onwards because of the lagging. But I’ll be on and off until that time tonight. Just give me a set of when it’d be best for you.

    Mia is the best niece that has ever or will ever be. She'll be two on the 25th.

    I’ll give you ether a shiny Skittyt, Eevee or Squirtle for your shiny Pachirisu.

    Online trading is the best. You control the 12 starts you control the world.

    So how have you been?

    I just realized yours and Mia’s birthdays are one day apart.

    i saw your sig, here ya go

    Hm, I see. Hopefully your mom can keep her sight intact, since it's essential to life. Great to hear that she's doing fine for the time being. Always expect the unexpected.

    And speaking of being brave, there was a saying. 'A true warrior never backs down from a fight.'

    Most of the time, I have to be brave, even if it should cost my life...
    Yeah, thanks for the support (one again)! About your mom...she, too had an eye problem, as well? Wonder what the symptom is...but anyway, really sucks that your mom is blind...she can read braille, right?

    Anyway, as for me, well, I've been nearsighted ever since I was born, and a week ago before that surgery, I did some research on the retinal detachment, and it usually happens to nearsighted people (like us, for example). Farsighted people, on the other hand, are not affected by this, so that's a relief for them.

    From now until the end of December, I have to pretend like nothing happened. I'm supposed to be brave, not a wimp. My eye doctor told me not to worry about it, so I'm pretty much taking his word on it.
    So I got out of my appointment with my eye doctor, and here's the update I have so far with my eye:

    My eye doctor told me that everything's great so far. He told me to be aware of scar tissues, since it could happen to me in the future...it has happened to other people who had the same symptom as me. My eye is 70% recovered, so not a whole lot to go...

    And speaking of my next surgery (cataract surgery, mind you), well, there is a possible date: Late December to early January. If not, then around August of next year. Many people thought one surgery for me is enough, but looks like they have to think again. As I told the others already: 'This surgery is only the beginning...'
    Didn't you tell me the lead singer of Seether was a favorite of yours? I'm pretty sure I recall something like that... =/ Oh, I'm sorry to hear about Shauna. It's never easy to lose a loved pet.
    Hi there, EmpressMyuu!

    I saw that the Civic Center in my town will be having Seether perform next month, and I thought of you. So, how are things?
    Good enough, well, that's what anesthesia's for. =)

    Well, you can't feel anything while you're sleeping...but there's always a guaranteed pain when you're awake, and that's not saying much.
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