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  • Yeah, well, anesthesia is the key thing to ensure the success of the surgery (there's no alternate). Only other alternate, really, is keeping the patient awake the entire time, and that's just not the right way to perform a surgery. I've heard a couple stories that are related to this scheme, though (I can't remember where that article is). I remember someone had an eye surgery while staying awake...gee, imagine the pain! >_<

    People who think they can get away with their lives without a surgery will have to think again (unless they die in a car accident, get shot or stabbed to death, or something). I can already anticipate myself succumbing to some sort of cancer or disease at an older age, and I'm sure many others can anticipate that as well. It's just life. Not like we can do anything about it (unless we're careless).
    Heh, thanks for the support! =)

    The only other person I can think of that has something like this here in SPPF is latiaswindblast (she told me her stories of this horror). This whole 'cataract surgery' thing...she told me it takes at least 2 weeks to recover. That's like...5x faster than this process I'm going through right now.

    But yeah, this is my third surgery in my entire life (last two being dental surgeries). I don't even recall vomiting after those two surgeries...imo anesthesic medicines from hospitals are much worse.

    Well, at least I'll have a tale to tell to all my supporters who are bound to undergo any type of surgery (well, maybe except for dental).
    So, I had my surgery last Friday, and, god, it was awful. After that surgery, I ended up vomiting until late in the early morning.

    Well, as of today, I'm still on the verge of recovery...let's see...I believe this is the fifth day of my recovery. From what I heard from the doctor, this may take months to recover, and that this surgery is only the beginning. In the future, I'll have yet another one, and we call that a 'cataract surgery'...

    Don't you hate it after all this...vomiting?
    Once I’m a famous actor or con artist we’ll meet. You have my word.

    You’ll never cease being a sweet heart. So it’s an even trade.

    You should join us. And to once can show how thoughtful I can be, I’m going to let my friend Katie put the duck butter on you. That way you don’t need to do it yourself. You can even joke with her if you want. Like pushing her down, poring the duck butter on her. Then you can have a wrestling match.

    We will have a blast.

    Well a few times you have typed to me you were upset. So being the kind hearted person I am I thought I’d ask.

    A few of my friends and I are going to get a whole bunch of slip in slides. Cut the ends off that catch you, time them all together. Have them going down a hill that opens into a little lake. Put duck butter all over them and us. Getting a running start and have fun.

    Sweetie we’ve been friends for eight hundred eighteen days now. In that time have you ever known me to be gentle with myself? The bottle rocket, the laxative, the Roman candle fight,
    the sandpaper, the jumping gout of a moving car. Just to name a few. And soon to add to the list the ultimate slip in slide. But I know what you really mean honey bear.

    Fells like yesterday we became members.

    So how have you been?

    Today makes three years I‘ve been here. I’ve been through a lot of changes since then. I turned from one of the top five n00bs to someone that is remotely decent.

    I never thought I’d meet people on here I care about is much as you guys.

    I love you all.

    That’s okay sweetie. That’s good that you’re good.

    That’s nice, Dustin deserves to be happy. After all that ***** Stephanie put him though.

    It’s alright to be mad about not seeing your favorite bands. After all that’s one of the things you remember for the rest of your life. What about your family? Have they been alright?

    That’s good. As for me Frank got Melisa pregnant for the 3rd time after they got divorced. Melisa wants me to raise all the four of them if anything happens to her. And my aunt made my grandma put everything in her name so her and he kids get everything when she dies. Yet they go around telling people we stole everything.

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