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  • hmm... not very popluar is it :p I am back but just let me finish a few trades long pending :p should VM again soon :D
    Anyway I'll VM when I get back. But it would be great if u just had a random Makuhita lying around, I need one of those for RNG. Any nature, gender moves etc. But its alright if u don't :D Good bye for now :p
    Cool, I just need to go out to lunch so should be back in like 1-2 hours or so. Also I got someone else to fix the Thundurus for me, so now it is completly UT. So just give me anything (but seriously I m going to be sick if I see another Patrat or Lillipup, so at least a Pidove :'D lol....)
    I'll repay u somehow, was there anything else u wanted in the thread? I can't refund berries though cos I don't think I have any. I hardly ever go to DW these days... lol
    Oh, thanks heaps! So sorry, I'll correct that immediatly :D I should have checked after I got it also. Sorry for all the trouble :S
    lol, tis quite strange, I just got that error also :p I don't remeber this happening the last time we traded :p
    Wow great, of course I will label it as "Empyrea's..." I always give RNGer the recognition they deserve :D
    Looking forward to more trades in future :D Definaly tell me when u can also do shinies, shouldn't take u long to figure it out now. I would gladly trade u two for one for shiny flawless RNGs :D

    Edit: No, it just says the usual ".......failed to respond" on my side
    Thanks, I'll be waiting in the room take ur time :D
    Also what is the redistribution policy of ur pokes?
    Oh right, that makes it easy then! lol, I can trade now if ur willing to give a clone back. How long would it take? And it doesn't give the poke a ribbon does it?
    Hi :D 1-4pm would be better cos I haven't gotten the Thundurus cloned yet :p I need to wait for a cloner to come on :D
    Yes, I also use IR-GTS and I have a workaround. Do you know how to set up a static IP for your wireless connection? It's different for all the Windows versions, so I don't want to give you faulty instructions, maybe you should search how to do it based on the OS you have. Basically you want to get to the IPv4 properties for your wireless connection. Now you need to change your primary DNS to - this will make it so that you can't enter any domains in your browser, so be prepared for that. After doing this you can hook up the USB adapter. Now run IR-GTS. It should tell you an IP and hopefully not freak out and give errors. If it does give errors then disconnect and try again, it can act very strangely sometimes. Now use the IP it gives you as the DNS on your DS's wireless connection. To test whether it's working or not, try choosing 'r' to recieve a Pokemon and then connect to the GTS. IR-GTS should come up with 'Connection Established' and you should be all set. After you're finished you should change the DNS on your DS and computer back to normal.
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